Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Email - May 28, 2013

How does it feel to get your first email from a 19 year old Cam? Pretty komisch, huh? Tell me about it. Now I'm back to that lame, overrated age, where everyone served a mish. No longer special. Oh well, manch mal so ist das Lebens.

 Haha hey everybody! How was the happiest day of the year? I assume you all partied pretty hard for me in my absence? Well since you're all wondering, my birthday was amazing. Hands down the best day of my mish so far, and every day has been just a riot, so that's saying a lot. The second I opened my eyes, Elder Divver was already staring at me and said "Happy Birthday Homie!" and started singing some German drinking song for me. It only got better from there, including my newly acquired Princess Tiana who watches me study from the window sill, and the Captain Crunch that was gone within two bowls. You don't understand how lucky you all are with your sugary cereals and tasty foods. But Sister Schwartz made up for it when she called me and gave me and Elder Divver permission to go get some birthday dinner, but we've been so busy that we had to take a rain check on that and will probably do so sometime this week.

 We had to take a rain check because this week was crazy. Our district averages about 5 lessons a week per companionship, and even though we had a few fall out, Divver and I taught 15 this week, the zone high. We showed the Lord that we were willing to do all we could to teach people, and he blessed us along the way, finding three new investigators. Sadly, these investigators live in other companionship's areas and not ours, but who really cares who teaches who, right? As long as somebody teaches them!

 Griff, the appointment with the Ecuadorians was a little rough. Good thing I'm a legend at charades, and we began to communicate through interpretive dance, (thank you Dark Lord of Symmetry), more than we did in verbal language. But really… luckily their oldest daughter speaks decent German and we were able to communicate okay, but we are on the search to find a joint teach who can speak Spanish so we can really help this family with what they need. BUT. They fed us, and it was traditional Ecuadorian food, baby. For thirty minutes I got teleported to Ecuador as I feasted on...DANG IT! I forgot my note book, I had her write down what I ate in Spanish, but basically it was the flattened, cooked banana things, rice, two fried eggs on top, and potatoes. You lived in paradise, Griff, that's all I gotta say.

Every day we get one step closer to June 8th, where Martin gets the chance to become a member of this Church. He is more excited than I have ever seen anyone be about anything. At an appointment with Brother Beck, the American, the other day, he pulled up Martin's Facebook page because he just wanted to show us how crazy it is. Martin's cover picture is of the First Presidency and the Salt Lake Temple, and every status he has posted in the last 7 weeks has been Book of Mormon quotes. And as of three days ago, his latest post is that of a poster he printed out that says "June 8th, the most beautiful day." He is a miracle. He knows this Church is true, and he just needed us to guide him to it. He is absolutely prepared in every way, and me and Elder Divver deserve absolutely no credit. The Lord prepared Martin through so many experiences, and we just have the opportunity to be his guides.

 I know there are people out there just like him every day that we walk by on the street, and we have no idea. Pres. Schwartz talks about it all the time, how too often we see everyone else as a part of our lives. But we never really stop and look at these people and think, "where are they going? Where do they work? What makes them happy? Do they have kids? Siblings? A Spouse? What do they like to do? What are they looking forward to?" Everyone you pass is a completely and entirely separate person, not just a piece in our lives. And so many of them need help. How often do we take the time to talk to someone we sit on the bus next to, or someone sitting alone in some cafe? Nothing makes a person feel better than recognition, and that's all it takes sometimes to find someone like Martin, who will bless so many lives down the road. We always leave this commitment with the members, but I also want to leave it with you all. Don't always be so plugged in. Turn of your phone. Put away your ipod. Step out of your world and into someone else’s. EVERYONE you meet knows something you don't, so go learn what that is. We don't have to convert people to show them we care. I'm now supposed to commit you to a yes or no, and I'm assuming you'll all say yes, so will you all do this, unplug a little bit and plug into someone else's life a few times this week? It will work miracles, I promise you that.

 I'm sorry I'm so bad with getting back to so many emails lately, but these weeks have been crazy! Transfers are coming up, but right after when time actually has a chance to slow up, I promise I'll get to you all. I got a pretty good hint that I may be staying when President said "Elder McGinn, are you ready to take over in Euskirchen, and maybe train as well?" Oh yikes. we'll see what happens I guess.

 Just know that I love you all, and that you all can't have too much fun without me. I apologize. Have the best week ever, and slam those OCJH doors behind you, Squid. :)


 -- Elder McGinn

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