Monday, May 13, 2013

Email - May 13, 2013

Long time no speak! I hope you all had a marvelous Muttistag like I did! It was a little frustrating with technical difficulty after technical difficulty, but at least I got to hear all of your voices! Makes me glad I'm not blind though. As painful as it may be to look at some of you, I realized I do kinda look forward to it! :) Ah, I am so glad you all schaffed Cade's farewell, what I would have done to be there. I know exactly how he feels right now, and it is not extremely pleasant. Pregame jitters right before the whistle blows. But as soon as it starts, you blink once and you've already been out here over 3 months. He is going to kill it out there.

 Thanks for the emails, ironically enough, I had an email from Benny the Jet today and he sent it all to all of us! So now I have them all, and we have a huge email going around. I love that I'm not the only one getting doors slammed in my face and splashed on by cars, it feels good. :) and now that all of my homies are finished, now starts the round of high schoolers! That just blows my mind. By the time they are all finished, I'll be at my year mark! I don't like to think about that.

 And yes, I know about the Utah weather, and I hate you all. Our investigator, Martin, has an iPhone and on the weather app he has Salt Lake City and Bonn, and he always rubs in my face how hot it is in Utah while it is pouring on us out here. You all best be soaking it up! I've decided that Utah has the best all around weather in the world. Well, since you all already know what's up with me, I figured I should catch up on my pictures. So here we go, here comes the big kahuna.

Now you can't complain that I haven't sent you anything! And next week I'll get back to writing interesting emails! I promise. I love you all, I hope you all had the best Mother’s Day, and I will hear from you all soon!

 -- Elder McGinn

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