Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Email - May 7, 2013

HAHA! Faked you out, you thought I wouldn't be emailing this week either, now didn't ya?? Don't even get me started… me and Elder Divver have both been so uptight with our lack of P Days and it's time for a change, we're getting back on normal schedule from now on, I can promise you that! And yes, that probably answered your question. I am still in E-Town with Elder Divver and just lovin every second of it. (besides the fact that we bought the wrong Bahn Cards with our money that was actually meant for food, and now we have useless Bahn Cards and little food, but what's new? Don't fret. I live off of Frooties now. I finally got the package, and it saved my life. THANK YOU)

 Alright, now listen up. I got Griffin's wedding invitation, and in big black letters it said "Your Presence is Requested..." sooo I'm assuming you all still have the wedding on hold until I can make it? It sounded pretty sincere to me. Wow, I can't believe that that now really happened. In fact, I probably never will believe it until I get home! All day Thursday I couldn't get over the fact that I've seen my last days with Griff in that room at the bottom of the stairs, playing Mario on the Wii with a stack of Otterpop wrappers on the floor.

 I'm also glad to see that my head makes up for about 1/2 of the cardboard figure! Haha at least I know I won't be hard to find in each picture. :) I hope that I was treated nicely, free of desecration or defiling, and that I still have many adventures to endure in the next year and a half! I say we set a rule right now… no one leaves the McGinn household without saying goodbye to me.

 There is no way Cade is already leaving. That was FOREVER away when I left! The last homies are strapping up, getting ready to verkundet das Evangelium! And I love it. Speaking of, I have been meaning to ask ever since the MTC, can you get me the emails of all the homies? I want to talk to them so bad and cannot wait, because I cannot even express how much I love life right now and I know that they are all probably feeling the same way more or less! Haha! It definitely changes sometimes hourly.

 Anyway! Let’s get to the real business, because I know you're all thinking "cut the quatch, Cam", MUTTIS TAG! This year they have told us that there will be no skyping or calling, and they recommend that we don't email the week after either so that our Mothers can actually enjoy their day. Psych! You know I'm kidding. :) Here's the real deal! We will be at the Beck family's house between 5 and 8-ish our time, which means anywhere between 9 and 12 your time which is a horrible piece of information because that conveniently crosses your church block, but manchmal so ist das lebens, oder? Haha I am so sorry, but so you can choose.. me or church. Choose the right. :) That is really all we know.

Life is just the same as always out here, days and weeks fly by every time I blink, and too many amazing things happen to share them all, but I want to share two quick ones:

 1. This last Wednesday it was the 30 year anniversary of our ward meeting house in Bonn-Duisdorf, and it was dedicated by Thomas S. Monson. So we had a little party for it, and our bishop had written the First Presidency about it asking if maybe he could write a little paragraph or something to the people about his experience, but if he couldn't it was really no problem. This last Sunday, for fast and testimony meeting, Bishop stood up for the last testimony and pulled out a TV. He told us about how he had written the prophet, and instead of sending back a letter or something, Bishop turned on the TV. President Monson filmed and sent the Gemeinde Bonn a personal video about his experiences dedicating that building and all of the amazing members that were there. It was amazing to watch, the prophet not speaking to 15 million people at conference, but to 120 members in a small meetinghouse in Bonn. He cares about every single one of us, just like Christ and our Father in Heaven do. He truly is called of God, to guide this Church and its members, and we should have 100% trust in the words he says, because they are figuratively and literally God's words Himself. He knows what we don't, and nothing bad will ever come from following what he says. That experience really touched me and strengthened my testimony about our living prophet today.

 Story number ZWEI! This is a shout out to you Pascal, if you're reading this! So who is this Pascal? A couple weeks ago I got an email from Pascal Friedmann, a guy who is from this ward area, but was living in and studying at Weber State. We talked a little, but not until just this last week did I figure out how he really came across and found my blog. I told you guys about that one day that Elder Divver and I doored for 5 hours and felt that it was just a waste of time. The Euskircheners did too, and one of the people whose door we knocked on posted a status on Facebook that said something like "The Mormons have even found Euskirchen!", and this status got 50 or 60 likes. A mutual friend of Pascal liked this status, so it showed up on his newsfeed. He thought, no way! and googled "Mormons, Euskirchen" and what popped up? My blog. He found us, gave his friend's info to our stake president, and now we are teaching a man named Martin who we really think is heading fast towards baptism, all because of that one day we thought that we had wasted, and because you, Mom and Dad, work so diligently to put my rambles out there. :) The Lord works miracles, if that isn't proof, I don't know what is.

 I gotta go, but I love you all! I am happy, I make my bed every day, I love everything about Germany, minus the humidity, and I can't wait to see you all on Sunday. I hope you guys are stoked and have the best week ever!

 -- Elder McGinn

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