Monday, May 13, 2013

Pictures from Germany!

Day 2 in Germany!  Everyone getting split up into zones in the Frankfurt Bahnhoff.
All day every day.  We take the Zug everywhere.
This proves that I am, in fact, in Germany.  Typical little hause!
Münster Basilika in Bonn!  I thought this was big before I went to Köln.
In front of the Basilika
Beethoven watching over his domain.  The Basilika in the daytime.
Here is cute little E-town!  Don't let its looks deceive you.
Every day.
Heel clicking!
Me and Elder Divver in front of the Basilika.
You know exactly what those are...Kinder eggs!
The most colorless cereal award goes to Germany.
I found Timmy boy!  (Elder Tim Meyer)
In front of the Köln  Dome on a P-Day!
The usual E-town shenanigans.
Inside the Köln Dome
Inside the Köln Dome
Still inside the Köln Dome
50th floor of the apartment building!
The view from the Köln apartment, 30th floor.
In Köln was a squeeze!
Aachen streets
Aachen Dome
I wasn't kidding when I said this store makes anything and everything.
Sometimes we don't make it to bed before we crash.
One of Elder McGinn's better days.
The one and only Hamid, from the back.  Our Iranian body guard.
This is why emails are frustrating to write.
Guess which apartment is ours?
Me today on P-Day...just kidding.

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