Monday, July 7, 2014

Elder Kitchen and Elder Lovelace and the painting in a restaurant where they showed off their impressive spelling abilities!

Doing service at a zoo!  

Crazy critters

The biggest pig I've ever seen in my life!

On the Goethe University in Frankfurt they have a bunch of little creepy men statues EVERYWHERE.  It's kinda sketchy to walk by at night.

Alte Oper!  "Old Opera".  A massive, old historic opera house in Frankfurt right by the Zeil! 

Looks super cool at night.  Typical Europe!

Elder Lovelace entertaining the crowd after a street display on the Zeil!

Frankfurt Uni Elders is also known as Delivery Boy Elders.  We had to deliver a mattress to the Frankfurt Sisters because some sisters were overnighting with them from Coburg and this was the only vehicle available.  Priceless!

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