Monday, July 21, 2014

Email & Pictures - July 21, 2014

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, MOM AND DAD!!! Without you, I wouldn't even be here! So props to you guys! :) I hope you guys do something great for it this year!

 Ah, I'm jealous you guys all get to see the derby again without me! I'm not the biggest fan of country music or living on a farm, but something about the Demo Derby gets my redneck blood flowin', and it feels great. You gotta catch a necklace. No excuses. If someone has to get stitches for it, so be it. Make me proud! And if there's a car number 27, it's totally gonna win.

Hahahaha, vuvuzelas are wretched instruments, Dad, I agree. I wanna stick a giant sausage in every one that someone blows. Fortunately the horn blowing and shouting is over, but what ISN'T is the crazy deals on fan gear! So I may be kaufen mir einige Sachen nächste Woche! :) I'll see what there is on the shelves! And you're right, I never will forget being in the world's most dominant soccer country, and them celebrating like crazy at 1 in the morning as we missionaries were trying to sleep in order to preach repentance to all of them the next day. I love them all though. :)

Thanks for the scriptural thought, Dad. I have actually been thinking about that question a lot in the last little while, because I get that response all the time on the streets, and for the longest time I didn't have a super solid response back to it, because I didn't want to make people feel that their right to personal revelation wasn't good, but they can have so much MORE, if they just realized that. It's like 2 Nephi 28:30. If they would just follow their promptings and not be satisfied with the little that they have, they could have SO much more. They just don't realize it yet! I hope we all realize how much more we can have if we just follow the little thoughts and promptings we have every day. How do we know if it's from the Spirit, though? I know one of you at least is thinking that! Does the prompting lead you to do something good that is in accordance with what the prophets teach, and would build someone up? All good comes from God. So if it would be something good, you can almost always bet it's from the Spirit. That's how I've learned to recognize the Spirit daily here on my mission. It works, I promise! :)

 We had a really good week! Elder Kitchen and I were on a split for 5 days, because Elder Lovelace dislocated his knee playing volleyball, and Elder Emery has SUPER bad ingrown toenails, and had to get surgery on them! So we stuck the wounded together and made them stay home, while we went with Elder Baker, Elder Emery's companion, and took care of 2 areas for the week! It was a little stressful, but a little fun! As Uni Elders, we don't get the chance to meet with regular families, just YSA's, so it was fun to get the chance again!

 Also, on Sunday we got the chance to teach the Primary kids about becoming a missionary! We got the 4 year olds, and it was great. They were all so shy and timid to answer our questions (probably because both of my companions are over 6'3''), except for one boy. But he burped in the middle of the lesson really loud, and started crying because it hurt him! Hahaha the Primary is a blast, and it makes me miss teaching it with Cade! Those were the days.

 Well, I'm sorry, but we gotta go. ALL of the computers in the church building are now broken, so we had to go find another internet cafe that didn't cost as much as the last one, and we had about half as much time to email this week! But hopefully they'll be back up next week! I'll try to send some pics though. :)

 I can't get back to you all, but I love each of you much more than you realize, and I can feel every prayer and every thought that you guys offer in my and our behalf. The Church is true, and the work here in Germany is amazing. I can't get enough of the scriptures, and hope you all study them as much as you should! There is some amazing stuff in there, and my scriptures look like a rainbow because I mark them so much.

 We love it here. The humidity is rough, but oh well, at least every one else is just as sweaty as we are! We try to avoid the trains though, those are just sweaty, public saunas. I seriously love my mission so much. There is so much good in this country, I love being the one who is called to go and find it! Trust in the Lord. What we see term as "coincidence" is just that fact that we don't understand God's perfect plan, but I know that everything happens for a reason. I pray for you all daily, and miss you all very much! I hope you all have a great week, an AWESOME anniversary, and I'll hear from you all and write you all back next week! I promise! I love this, and wouldn't be ANYWHERE else.

 Bis nächstes mal!

 -- Elder McGinn

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