Monday, October 21, 2013

Email & Pictures - October 21, 2013


 Yes, Mom, it is true. And look, I practiced patience like you always taught me and it finally came. The long lost cycles are wieder gefunden. And you guys have no idea how many pictures are coming your way. This email may be a little short word-wise, but I have quite a few pictures to send that will make up for it!

 Haha I'm still so jealous of New York, that sounded so fun and I'm looking forward to my second trip when I get back... :) and you guys owe me because of Wicked! I still remember that being sold out for months when we went! Ah, I totally remember shooting hoops in the Manhattan Chapel, that was one of my favorite memories from the whole trip! And good thinking about the note to Liza! I miss that girl, and I hope she's just living her dreams out there in the big apple!

 I'm sad to hear about the garden at Gma's and Gpa's. That was something I always loved, especially their corn! Oh well, you don't realize how much you had and loved until it's gone, right? It will just make me appreciate them even more than I do! By the way, random thought, I totally ate pumpkin shell this week.......yep. That's all I have to say about that.

 Mensch, it sounds like a lot of change is going on back home! Why'd ya all wait til I left?! I need to see some pics! Is home looking as pretty in the Fall weather as Erlangen is?? I love it here. I'm excited to hear how everyone is doing out on their missions in a little while! Those missionaries are getting some awesome help with the Mangum clan on their way out there. I wish someone would come out here to Germany, but noooo.

 This week was good and busy, it was transfer week and we also had Zone Training Meeting and it was just busy all the week long! We haven't had lots of time to be on the University this last week, but we're looking forward to it this week! This last week there was also a stake dance in our Gemeinde house, and it was a huge success! The missionaries were only invited if they brought investigators with them, and we brought 7! One of which is a 16 year old boy named Tom, who I may have talked about before, who always turns down the invitation to come to church. But at the dance, he got asked to dance by four different "cute Mormonen girls" and then came to church the next day! Haha girls, (Sydney), you may be the key for getting some people in the ward buildings and accepting the gospel, I hope you realize that! Wiley temptresses.

 It was a really good week. Sorry that this is so short, but it takes forever to upload pictures, and I want to send you all a bunch, so I hope it makes up for it! Glad you are all in good strenth and lenth, and I'll hear from you all soon! I love you all (especially you mother :) )!

 -- Elder McGinn

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