Monday, October 14, 2013

Email - October 14, 2013

Well, well, well, if it isn`t the spoiled ones of the household...

 It sounds like the Big Apple was a blast! Looking at the pictures, I totally feel like I was there just a few days ago! I love that big city life and rush and feel. The picture of Syd in the Subway station looks just like the U-Bahn stations we ride all the time! It looks a little like home to me :) and what`s up with the Ghost Busters?!? No one told me what`s going down in that picture! And Wicked! Geez, I have so many fragen, entschuldigung! Was it good? Had you guys seen it before? Everyone I know of that has seen it just loves it! I`m jelly, to say the least.

 That`s so cool about the Elders you met! Ah, it just looks so familiar to me to see them, I love it. What`s funnier, is that this Elder Richards they know, that was Elder Hobson's last District Leader! Small world, right? We`ve only run into people once who were Mormons from across the world that recognized us, but just that second of appreciation felt better than ever, so trust me, you don`t realize how much you probably boosted those guys’ spirits!

 Mother, that actually gives me hope...despite the fact that we have a song from Pocahontas (savages) that we have dedicated to the office…that means it should be here on Friday for Zone Training! I don't wanna waste more money if it's somewhere here in this country....besides, I gotta make sure I have enough for Lederhosen. :)

 Well, life is going good out here. Transfer calls were on Saturday, (yep, another cycle down) and Hobson and I and Proffitt and Haskell are all staying again! No changes and we love it. Our district is really getting tight. I don't know if I already told you guys, but the other elders in our district include Elders Collins, Ellsworth, Wright, and GOODRICH! From the Heatheridge Stake, baby. I just love that kid, there might not be an elder closer to me in this mish than that kid is, and I have a lot of good friends out here. He is the happiest elder I have ever met, and if I could be half the kid he is, I'd be a happy camper.

 Aside from staying the same, Elder Hobson and I are now the university elders, and this week the new semester starts, so it's go time. We have a ton of plans, and we just can't wait to get them running! We actually found a way legit family this week who is interested in the church! I was sitting on a bench, writing my testimony in a Book of Mormon so that I could put it in the book drops that we have here, and while I was writing a young guy contacted Elder Hobson! I finished writing and jumped in the conversation, and he was asking Hobson about if every member of the church has to do this, or if we were just doing something special. We talked to him about missions, and then he recognized the Book of Mormon in my hand and said that his wife found one of those in that Book Drop a few days ago, and they were planning on reading it that night!

 Ends up he's 24, moved to Erlangen about a year ago, and he and his wife have been exploring and searching all the churches here in Erlangen, looking for the one that feels right. He has taken a lot of gospel classes, and he feels like there is truth that was lost from the bible and that it`s out there somewhere else. He says he gets made fun of sometimes that he's married so young and has clean Christian morals, but he knows that happiness and peace that comes from it. We basically taught him two lessons on the street and he kept asking us for passages from the Book of Mormon that he and his wife, Daisy, could read later that night together as they continued studying different scriptural texts looking for the truth. He and his wife are 24, both attend the University, and are PERFECT for this ward here, we can already see them as members here in Erlangen. They need the church so much, and the ward needs them so much, I can already see it, and we can't wait to teach them again and see where it goes.

 Sorry, that was way rambled, but there's a lot going on right now in this room, haha, but I gotta sign off so the next elder can log on! But I love you all, and I'll see you soon! I was also studying in Alma and read those scriptures, Dad, and I too have never seen such joy, but I think I have come close, and each experience has been out here in the mission field.

 I am so happy, I love this place, this work, you all, and the Lord. I could not be safer, happier, and more excited. I'll hear from you guys soon!

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  1. Oh, that just warms my heart! SO glad that they are together and I love reading about his new investigator! Go Cameron!