Monday, October 7, 2013

Email - October 7, 2013

Grüss euch! Another week dead and gone, it just feels like one day since last time!

 Indeed, the situation with Katia was rough, but every time I pray for her, something tells me that it's all okay. In interviews this week, President also told me that I may not hear anything about it until twenty years from now, and discover the story it evolved into. I sure hope he's right!

 Conference, right?! Amazing. Yes, I will admit it, I fell asleep a few times back at home when I would watch it, especially the Saturday Morning session, but now I just can't get enough! I seriously have the feeling you get on December 26th, after all the Christmas excitement is over, and you know it won't come back for awhile. I loved it. So here, we watch the morning sessions live, from 6-8 pm our time, but the afternoon sessions are too late for us, so we have to watch those recorded the next day or just some other time. So we watched Saturday Morning on Saturday night for us, and then yesterday we watched Priesthood at 11-1, then Saturday Afternoon from 2-4, and then Sunday Morning from 6-8. That's a lot of conference in one day, let me tell ya. But it was so good, and I had so many new insights and ideas come to me and to missionary work that I was searching for.

 I hope you all paid REAL GOOD ATTENTION to all the talks and emphasis on Member Missionary Work. WE NEED IT. I hope you guys are helping your elders out, because in some areas of Germany, there is no such thing as Member Missionary work, and it makes it hard for everyone. Love your elders, love your friends, love this gospel, and love the Lord enough to share this message and help the work move forward. I promise you, you have no idea the amount of blessings that are in store. Prophecies are being fulfilled, and the Lord wants us to help. Sorry, that's kinda a touchy subject out here. I know you're all doing great. :)

 This week was pretty uneventful, because it was!...if that makes any sense? On Wednesday we had Zo-Ko with the Nürnberg and Erfurt zones, and it was great! I love seeing President and Sister Schwartz every chance I get, the love they have literally radiates out of them. He's a guy you just want to hug, kinda like Cade. Hahaha but really, it was great! We then had interviews with President on Friday for the Erlangen Elders, and we got a new calling! We being Elder Hobson and I. President has called us as Erlangen University Elders. We are to only proselyte among young people on the campus' of the two or three universities we have here. He wants us eating in their cafeteria's every day because they're cheap (uh oh) and talking with every one we can. Last transfer he called the first pair of Frankfurt Uni Elders, and they already have three baptismal dates! So he's WAY stoked for us, and so are we! After that we had service for 8 hours for a city wide service day, and me and Hobson were confined to a small park to pick up trash and it had none, so it was a pretty long eight hours to say the least. A lot of hands up stands up contests and the like. And then the rest of our weekend was taken up by appointments and conference!

 I am so thankful for conference. We had an appointment between the showings of the Saturday Afternoon session and the Sunday Morning session with a new investigator we found, and he ended up just railing on the church and kinda making fun of us and our "prophets" when we invited him to come, and it just was an all around rough appointment, but we came right back to conference and immediately my anger and frustration was changed into love for this man who rejected us, and sadness that he has no idea what he is missing out on. But that's all we can do, extend the invitation and welcome, and they decide what to do for themselves.

 Well sorry for the scrambled email and random thoughts, but we gotta run! I lobe you all (not love, lobe you) and I'll hear from you soon! Have a good week, tear it up in NYC, (buy me something? :)) and don't eat any more sugar cinnamon tortilla chips, cause that's just disgusting. And save my room!! Did it ruin anything?! Not my shoes…please not any of those...Bis nächstes mal, tschüssss!!

 -- Elder McGinn

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