Monday, March 10, 2014

Email & Pictures - March 10, 2014

Kalooo Kalayy!! That's not German, just Robin Hood-isch.

 Mom, you are right, it was a crazy week of festivities, mostly trying to dodge them, but I escaped without losing a single tie! So I'm pretty proud of myself. :) We did indeed go to the parade last week though, and I'll send some pics right after this!

 I'm glad you watched some Mormon Messages, madre! They are getting huge in the mission field, and we all go nuts every time a new one comes out. ....that's actually kinda lame now that I think about it, huh? See how easily missionaries are entertained? :) But they carry a good message and are way easy to use, so we use them almost every lesson. Do you have a lieblings?

 Oh, we had some super good Essen this last week at the Ammersbachs, and maybe Griff or Jeff know what it is! It's called Arebas..? Arevas..? Something like that? And a thick, cinnamony drink called Chi Cha something something…they talk too fast for my brain to keep up, but I hope that rings a bell. Bottom line: delicious, and Jeff and Griff had awesome missions apparently.

Spring is hitting us here in Germany as well! We are finally through the awkward stage where Germany just died and no snow came, but now the sun is back out and we're almost rocking the short sleeve shirts again! I'm way excited. We'll also be doing some garden work, too! Döschner has a garden and he said that we will be spending plenty of time helping him getting it back up and running, and he'll reward us with a barbeque. Game on.

 This week was really good. It's an awkward time of the year though. Students are still test taking or already done with taking tests, and are going back to their homes to hang out for their breaks. Karlsruhe is a big city during the school year, and during the breaks everyone leaves. I don't know how many true "Karlsruhers" there really are! But we're staying super busy with members, and filling the rest of our time up with finding new people to teach! The best situation is when the first one creates the second one, but not everybody has someone they know who could be taught, so it's okay! Right now we're going around to a lot of members and sharing the Mormon Message "Zeugnis vom Buch Mormon" or "Testimony of the Book of Mormon" by Jeffery R. Holland, and then challenging the families to try to give out a Book of Mormon in the next month!

 We've created what we call the "Wunder Wand" (Miracle Wall) in our apartment, and every day we put up sticky notes of miracles we saw happen that day, and when members have awesome experiences, we add those to the wall and show them pictures of how big the wall is growing! It's exciting, and it really makes us aware of how much the Lord influences us and our lives every single day. When we come up with one or two things to add to the wall, suddenly we remember a million more examples of the Lord's hand in our lives that day, and we go through tons of sticky notes! It makes me so grateful to realize how much the Lord helps His elders. He loves us so much, and does so much for us every day, sometimes we just fail to realize that. If you're upset or frustrated, try to be more grateful, and try to stay angry! I dare you. :)

 Die Kirche ist wahr! Ich bezeuge es ihnen. Der Herr lebt heute, und liebt uns mehr als wir uns vorstellen können. Verlasst euch an ihm. Er kennt uns manchmal besser als wir uns selbst kennen, und deshalb gibt er uns die Erfahrungen und Erlebnisse die wir brauchen, um mehr wie ihn zu werden. Ich hab euch lieb, und wir hören uns bald. :)

 **The Church is true! I testify it to you. The Lord lives and loves us more than we can imagine. Rely on him. He knows us better than we sometimes know ourselves, and that's why he gives us the experience and the experiences we need to be more like him. I love you, and we will hear soon. :)

 -- Elder McGinn

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