Monday, March 31, 2014

Email - March 31, 2014

Meine Liebe Eltern! Ich freue mich dass ihr da seid!

 I don't have a ton of time, but there's really only one thing you wanna hear in the first place so I'll get right to it! But before that, Dad, I know EXACTLY where Lizststrasse is! I walk by it almost every day! It's still there. :)

 Well, the news is in, and Elder McGinn didn't get through the weekend without receiving a call from President Schwartz! Elder McGinn will unfortunately be leaving the wonderful city of Karlsruhe and his companions, the K-Ruhe Krew, behind after 3 transfers. But it is okay, because I'm SUPER stoked on where I'm headed. It's called Frankfurt? I don't know if you guys have heard about it, but it's a really big city with a lot of people and some of the biggest wards in Germany. I was released as District Leader in Karlsruhe, and called as District Leader in my new area, and also as Head University Coordinator. In my new area, there is a really big university with a ton of success, and people call it the University Zone Leaders. We're over all the Uni areas across the mission, and help set up and get activities going. I'm super excited. My new companion is named Elder Chicky. He finishes his mission in 2 cycles, and has some of the best German in the mission. He was a zone leader for 7 cycles, and is an AWESOME missionary. So I'm pumped to learn and suck as much information and experience from him as possible in the next couple months before he goes home. It's gonna be fun!

 It's been a good last few weeks here in Karlsruhe! We are sending off a Sister missionary from our ward next week to Uruguay, and she's really excited! Other than that, we've been finding a LOT of potential investigators by playing sports and chalking stuff out on the sidewalk in a big park behind our church! I hope the success really keeps up. This is such a beautiful area, and I was so blessed to work here. I know that it is in great hands here with Elder Jensen, who was called as District Leader in my place, and there is success just waiting to boom. I love this ward and these people, and am so excited to have another opportunity to meet and love even more new people in my two new wards. Oh yeah! I forgot to tell you guys that. My area covers two wards, because we are the Uni guys and deal with mainly just YSA's. The Frankfurt International Ward, and the German Ward. We also get to pick up new goldens from the airport. SICK!

Well, I gotta go, but you guys sound like you're having fun, and you have to let me know how Disneyland goes! Mom, don't scare any more of your children to death, or at least get a video so I can see, okay? :) I love you all, have the best week, buy some Segways and I'll ride with ya Dad, and I'll hear from y'all next week in Frankfurt! MACH'S GUT!!!

 -- Elder McGinn, your favorite. :)

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