Monday, March 17, 2014

Email - March 17, 2014

 In case you wanted to know, me, Elder Jensen, Elder Blanchard, and Elder Boyd just spent the last five minutes pinching each other because we all totally forgot that today was St. Patrick's Day! Thank you for the painful reminder, Mother. :)

 Happy St. Patty's Day! As you can see, we had no idea that was today, so no one really does anything about it. But then again, I have also been holed up in my apartment for the last three and a half days, (I'll get to that later) so I wouldn't really know anyway. Mom, that's a great quote! I just barely copied it down, I love it! I have to agree, my favorite Mormon Message is probably Der Wille Gottes (the current bush one). I don't remember what it is exactly in English. I think we can all relate perfectly to that one. It also reminds me of a story we sometimes take around to member families as our lesson. It's called "die Vase" (the vase) and it is similar to the current bush story. It talks all about how before the vase was a hard, colorful, beautiful vase, it was just clay. It had to be painfully rolled, fired, painted, fired again even hotter, just to become the beautiful vase it was supposed to be, and if any of those processes would have been skipped, it wouldn't have been able to handle the next steps toward reaching its potential. As humans, we complain way too much. We are way too near-sighted, and forget to look at the big picture. The quicker and more deeply we learn to trust God and the plan of Salvation, the quicker and more deep happiness we will find and enjoy in this life. It just takes some people longer than others. And that's why some people like to meet with the "Latter Day boys", cause we help them get there. :)

  I'm being happy and busy, but healthy is coming! On Thursday I went on a split with Elder Boyd, and he was starting to feel sick. The next morning, we were both sick. Bad headaches, achy all over, really sore scratchy throats, and a scratchy cough. We took medicine and took it easy that day, and when we woke up the next day, it was the same. And the next day. So we were down and out Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday, and had a solid three day quarantined split. We're both doing a little better now, but I refuse to spend another day in the apartment, so I'm working this week. Don't worry Mom, the Lord will bless me for it :) and you know I'm right!

Well, since you all know it was a slow, uneventful week for us, (even Döschner was sick), not too much exciting stuff happened this week. But even though it was slow, the Lord always throws a few tender mercies our way, to keep us going! This week it came from a guy named Walter. We were walking down the street when two guys on a smoking break yelled out to us in English. They recognized us as "Latter Day Boys", which was a relief, because 90% of the people out here think we're Zeugen Jehovas (Jehovah Witnesses). We talked for a while, and although they didn't have too much interest, one thing he said impressed me. He said that he was with his daughter one day when some Mormon missionaries walked by, and she asked him who they were. He told her "those are the Latter Day boys. If you are ever in trouble or have a question or need help with anything at all, you run straight to those boys. Nobody else. All those boys do is help." Not everybody is interested in our message, but I think how we treat people who don't have interest is just as important if not more important than how we treat those who do have interest. We don't pick favorites. This gospel is for everyone. And it's not just the doctrine that matters, but our actions. Walter isn't interested in the message, but because of how he's been treated by us and how he sees us treat others, he knows that what we do is honest and true. And who knows when, but one day, that impression he has of us will pay off, either with him, or someone else he lets know about us.

 I hope you all have the best week! Don't worry, I'm getting better by the day, and we have an awesome Zone Konferenz this week, so it's gonna be a killer week! I love you all! Soak up the sun, get tan, and enjoy it while you can, because one day I'll be back and get so tan that you all look like you're just white. Right Syd? :) The Church is true! I live it. I love it. I've never been so happy to be in the service of my Lord and Savior. You wanna know what life on a mission is like? 2 Nephi 5:27.

 -- Elder McGinn

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