Monday, July 29, 2013

Email - July 29, 2013

 Hey everyone! I am disappointed in the Pioneer Day haul that you all got at the cabin, so I decided I'm gonna make this week's short! Haha no, I'm sure you all did your best...or at least tried, but we're actually way busy this P-Day and we only have about half as much time to email today, so I'm trying to haul!

 Bahama Mama, all of our appointments did indeed go well last week! Except for haircut. It's a good thing my camera is being fixed right now, because none of the pictures I would have taken would be sent home. This is what happened at my hair cut. "how short would you like it?" "just like my companion's, longer on top, and shorter on the sides." "okay." BBFFZZZZZ. Do you know what that sound means. B-U-Z-Z. I got buzzed. I look like I'm getting ready for summer football camp, not a mish, but oh well. He felt me cringe when he took it all off and said "the good thing about hair is that it always grows back!"  Haha it was an adventure, and Anderson and I have taken significantly less photos, but it's all good! It's already gotten longer since, so it won't be long. :)

 I got your package this week, and it saved my life! We were getting so sick of the same music over and over and over, and Walt Disney pulled through just in clutch timing, like that man always does. Plus, the color choice? Let's just say that every elder who has seen my USB stick is extremely jealous. So good work, fam. :) But there was just one problem. Mambas. One of my favorite American candies, right? Oops, let me switch that, one of my favorite GERMAN candies. I was telling a member about Mambas, one of my favorite candies from home, and he was like those aren't American! And I said doch! And we argued until he said fine, just read me the package when you get it and we'll see. So now, I owe him half a bag of Mamba's, my favorite German candy.

 Well, transfers were this week, and Elder Peterson left and the new Erlangen elder is Elder Haskell! He's from my MTC group and I already knew him, so it's been way fun! I like him a lot, he's from St. George, and the four of us are ready to see miracles here this cycle. Me and Anderson are snug as bugs in a muggy rug together, and we're happy to be staying together another six weeks! Time is just flying, and we're only 27 days away from the next transfer call. Yikes.

 Anyway! This week should be crazy. We already are way busy. President Schwartz comes to town this week for interviews on Friday and we are all stoked. I love that man so much, I cannot even express it. He is so inspired, so incredibly loving, and he leads out of that love, not out of fear and an iron grip. Any missionary in this mission would do anything for him. So I'm really looking forward to Friday.

 Other than that, we have actually a new investigator who not only came to church yesterday, but who wants to meet with us regularly and is interested in learning more! Her name is Lisa. She's a 23 year old student here in Erlangen, and actually lives in our same apartment complex! Very convenient for traveling to appointments. We really are stoked to teach her and feel like she has a lot of potential. We also are meeting with a kid named Tom! He's 16 and we found him through basketball! He loves playing with us, and we make sure every time we play ball, we play on the court in the church, and now that he is comfortable and familiar with it, he has really gotten curious and we have had the opportunity to start teaching him about our beliefs!

 The Lord is really beginning to bless us early this cycle, and we continue to pray that it will only increase. We love being busy. Never thought you'd hear me say that, huh mom?:) I LOVE IT, and I am ready to do anything out here. It is hotter than Hades out here, but nothing feels better than coming home at the end of the day absolutely wasted. I have never slept better than here on the mish. I apologize that we are so busy and that I am always on the run, but it makes me happy how busy we are, so don't worry.

 I love this. I love this gospel. I love seeing the light in people's eyes when they understand the gospel and can feel the peace and comfort that comes from it. I love being an instrument in the Lord's hands, ready to act on any prompting he gives me. I just wanna leave you guys with what it says in PMG where it (paraphrased) says that the Lord will not send prepared people to unprepared [members]. There are people who want to change and want to accept this gospel, but the Lord won't send these to people who can't adequately get the message across and bear testimony about the blessing they've seen. I hope you all feel prepared so that if someone was to be pointed your way and began asking questions, you would have absolutely no fear in telling them what you know, and why you love it.

 I love you all, and I can't wait to hear back from you after this crazy busy week! I love you all, and I'll hear from you and get back to all of you personally soon!


 -- Elder McGinn

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