Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Email - July 22, 2013

I decided to email you all last, because I was hurt by the fact that you didn't need the rest of us to have fun.  But I guess that's where we all got our party animal side from (and drinking side, from mom.)

That seriously sounds like so much fun, and the Thrill Coaster? Oh my gosh, that seriously drops straight down. Dad will ride that, but not the Teacups?  Next time we are in Disneyland, I want you in one of those tea cups, because I know you can schaff it! (sorry for the danglish, it just makes more sense to me than trying to remember the English words)

I love that you guys visited a few church sites too, and I know exactly what you're talking about, Mom.  I remember seeing such historic sites, but feeling upset by the absence of the Spirit there. You could distinctly feel that it once was there, but no longer is, and that made it almost more unsettling than never having had the Spirit at all. That is exactly how I feel every time I walk into one of these ominous Cathedrals here in Germany built in the 12th and 13th centuries. They are massive, very intricate buildings, but they make you feel so empty, almost cold. They have so much truth, but so much confusion too. It's not a place where I imagine coming closer to my Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ.

Well, here's the news you have all been waiting for! 1. I have a haircut scheduled for Tuesday! There is a member who has some clippers, and I wasn't going to say no to dinner, so the haircut was just an added bonus. I hope you are all happy and can accept me as your son again. Plus I cannot stand the humidity and heat with this mop either, so I'm pretty stoked. :)

2. Me and Anderson are staying together! Conference call was this last Saturday, and I cannot even believe it has already been another cycle! Time is going waaaay to fast, it freaks me out. They say it only goes faster, and I want it to slow down so I actually feel like I have time to do something! It just shows me how important it is that the missionaries entering the field are worthy, prepared, and willing to work hard and FAST. The Lord is speeding up his work, oh my goodness, I can testify to that, and we need to be able to keep up. We are also getting a new zone leader down here in Nürnberg who was up in Dortmund before, and from what I've heard he's really good at getting some YSA (JAE auf Deutsch) activities going, which we are in desperate need of, and I'm excited to see the work here really pick up.

Other than that, it has been a good, typical, unpredictable week out here! Elder Anderson and I found a new potential investigator named Lisa the other day! I was cleaning dishes (be proud, mother :) ) and he was sitting on the windowsill, and started talking with a girl who was locking up her bike, 4 stories below us. She was way cool, and ended up giving us her number, and we invited her to a ward activity on Saturday which she came too, and then when we invited her to church the next day.  She said she would, but she's so busy with school, but it ends this week and she'd  love to come the next week! She is so cool, so open, and we are so excited to be working with her. She is a 23 year old student here in Erlangen, and lives in our same huge apartment complex! She is a miracle, because Elder Anderson and I have really committed ourselves lately to being exactly obedient. There wasn't much to change, but we just wanted to make the edges even sharper, to show the Lord our commitment and faith in the success that is waiting to be found in this area. I believe the Lord gave us Lisa to show us that our faith and commitment will not go to waste.

We have a way packed week this week, we have four appointments today (elders get brownie points for putting appointments on P Days), 4 appointments on Tuesday, and another 4 on Wednesday that are already planned out! We are way busy, and nothing feels better than coming home just totally exhausted from being all over the place all day, and we're stoked for this week. But sadly, since we're so busy, we gotta run, but I hope you all know how much I love you!

 I love you, I love this church, I love Germany, and I love being a missionary. This is the craziest, funnest, most unpredictable time of my life, and I wouldn't trade it for anything!  I would say don't have too much fun without me this week, but you already did!  I'll hear from you all next week!


-- Eldre (whoa, now I'm in Ecuador) McGinn

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