Monday, July 1, 2013

Email - July 1, 2013

Hahaha I just have one question to start off with: Mother, is "launder" a real word? I swear I have never heard that before, but then again, Elder Anderson is my English dictionary and helps me out all the time remembering words in English that are so much easier in German.

 Well HOOOWWDYY HO! (I know you all know exactly from which youtube video that voice comes around Christmas time, but I will not mention its name here) Haha you guys just had a blast this week, I must say! Let's get rid of tweedle dee and tweedle dum (that'd be you and me, Griff) and all have a party! I definitely will not protest the rodeo becoming an annual tradition though, as long as I can wear lederhosen. And what the heck! Where is my brace faced snarky little sister disappearing to?! First off, new glasses, neh? (Germans end sentences with that all the time. Canadians are the German Americans, if that makes any sense) and now no braces??

 Our visiting authority was Elder Richards, not sure of his first name, but he's got white hair and....I just realized that describes 80 percent of all general authorities. He's a powerful guy, I'll leave it at that. It was a great conference, and I took millions of notes. Speaking of taking a million notes, the World Training Leadership Broadcast or whatever it's called in English? Amazing. We watched that last night in our ward building on a projector screen. Lucky enough too, they had it in English so I got to hear the apostles' voices themselves. How crazy was that, but directly spot on, especially with Elder Perry when he said "The world has changed." I can testify to you that it absolutely has. The old ways of tracting absolutely do not work anymore, no one will let us in. They have to be contacted in a way that they are comfortable with and are willing to open up, which the internet is infamous for. The mission is being prepped right now, and I hope you guys add me as soon as I get my mission facebook, and be willing to google translate if I send a potential investigator your way! :) I can never leave a meeting where the prophet or apostles have spoken, and not want to talk to every single person I see about what I know. I love it.

 This week was awesome. Can I just say? I love my mission. I love this ward, this country, these people, these elders, and especially this gospel. I never thought something could make me so happy so easily, but this gospel does. If you aren't happy right now, where is the gospel in your line of priorities? On the bottom? I encourage you all to figure that out. I have the privilege to help so many people change their lives and it's incredible. I am finally at a stage in my mission where I feel comfortable with my ability in the language and in the doctrine, and it makes things so much more fun and enjoyable. I am gonna do all that I can to get Elder Anderson to that point too, cause I love that kid and he has no idea how much more fun it gets when you actually feel confident and effective out here.

 This week was surprisingly average. We had quite a few member appointments (so we could use their phones to set up more because we STILL don't have ours), we made a billion snickerdoodles, yes only the best American cookie in the world, and took them around to people (if I had your recipe Mom, people would be lining up to take the lessons), played football and soccer in the park and got some more numbers and emails of potentials, and have been trying to meet with every family in the ward this month. We are still extremely handicapped without a phone, that's why this week sounds quite lame, but hopefully we will get one this week. The Zone Leaders told us to call the office (hmm...good one. How do we do that?) and it should be coming soon. Gosh I hope so. But until then, we're going to keep doing things the old school way (sorry Dad, you're kinda old school now) and keep trusting in the Lord, who has been so unbelievably generous to us despite his dumb elders breaking both their phones.

 I am so grateful for all of your testimonies and love and support, and just know that I will definitely be celebrating the 4th of July in style with the only American family in our ward. He works for Puma and may I be getting some hookups? We will see. :)

 I love you all, I love it here, and just be happy, okay? 2 Nephi 2:25. Adam fiel damit Menschen sein können, und Menschen sind, damit sie Freude finden können. We're here to be happy, so let's be that way.

 --Elder McGinn

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