Thursday, April 11, 2013

Email - April 8, 2013

What a conference it was!  Meine Gute. We had to take a three hour train ride up to Köln, and we watch the morning sessions live at 6 oclock p.m. our time over here, and the rest we watch recorded because we´re all lights out! Confession… Elder McGinn didn´t bring very much note taking materials with him on Saturday because he thought he´d be watching it all in German and wouldn't be able to pick out very much. But to his unfortunate/lovely surprise, they had a tiny English translation room. The only people in that room: eight missionaries. Our district. Haha! So all my pass along cards that I had on me are covered in notes that have now been transferred to my notes. :)

 As I walked into the Köln stake center and heard the German translation over the voice of the Apostles and Prophet, I felt so lucky for my ability to know English. Hearing their actual voices is such a huge part of conference for me, and it must be hard for the Germans to know that the voice they´re hearing isn´t the original. (As good as your voice sounds, Mase, I bet the Bulgars felt the same way :)) I hope you all loved conference as much as I did and found the answers that I was flooded with, even though I still haven´t seen the Sunday afternoon session! And I heard Elder Holland spoke in it! I need to look that up online when I get the chance. Stupid time difference. (P.S. they do have daylight savings over here Dad, so I´m actually eight hours ahead right now!) There is no question that this gospel can´t answer. That defines living revelation, which is the basis of our beliefs today.

Did any of you see that paparazzi camera that day?! Cause I didn't!! They couldn´t have caught any better moment though, two best friends about to give Europe everything they´ve got. I couldn´t wait to tell all of you how I freaked out when I saw Mr. Durtschi´s face on the screen while the MoTab was singing and I almost scared our investigator away, and then on the other side of the globe you all were seeing ME!

 Sometimes I wonder if the Lord just laughs at the things we do. If he does, he would definitely be laughing at Elder "Divvea and Mc Gann" (as our mailbox now reads) as we went door to door for FOUR hours straight this week. I am now a real missionary, mom. Are you proud?! Euskirchen has literally nothing, and so we were forced to ´start from scratch. We kept a tally mark and finished the day with 197 doors knocked, and not one lasted over 30 seconds. No one wanted anything to do with us, but we weren´t gonna let that stop us. When we finally gave up and decided to stop for a break at McDonalds, we saw some kids playing basketball and asked if we could play. Bam. Four numbers, four potential investigators. President Schwarz always stresses us using our talents to find, and I think we found one method that works. :) The Lord really does know us. This proved it and it's all I could think of in conference when they talked about how we all have different talents and personalities that we were given to bless others.

We chose a pretty lame Internet Cafe with nothing to send pictures from, and I was totally prepared too! So I promise next week when I have more time and a computer that was built after 1980, you will all finally get to see the land of promise. :)

 einfach wissen, daß ich es liebe, mit mein ganzem Herz. Der Herr wirklich hat eine grund für die Leute daß hier in Deutschland sind. Die Arbeit geht schneller jeden tag, und alle uns Missionare versuchen mit es zu laufen! Ich liebe meine Berufung, ein Missionar zu sein. Ich kann wirklich die beten spürren jeden tag, wenn ich auf die straße gehen, um Leute zu finden. Ich bin SO glücklich, es ist ungläublich! Zeit geht schon zuschnell. Ich habe bemerked, daß die Heilige Schriften wirklich wahr sind, wenn sie steht daß wir unser selbst verlassen müssen, um unser selbst zu finden. Ich weiß meine Zweck. Weist du? Wir alle haben Zweck hier auf die Erde. Jeden Tag ich frage Leute, "Was ist das Sinn des Lebens?", und viele Leute hat keine annung. Fühlen Sie sich nie, wie du hast keine Zweck. Hilf einen ander, und Ich verheiße daß du mehr glück und friede haben werden, und der Herr wird naher zu dir kommen. Ich liebe dich alles. So viel. Ich bin so begeistert für die gelegenheit in eine Monat mit euch zu Skypen! Schätzen deiner familie, der Propheten hat gesagt daß deiner familie die wichtigest dinge in unser Leben ist. Es ist die wahrheit. Ich weiß daß wir ein lebendige Propheten heute haben, und er wirklich spricht mit Gott. Joseph Smith hat Gott und sein Sohn, Jesus Christus, wirklich gesehen. Ich weiß mit mein ganzem Sinn daß das Buch Mormon irgend etwas frage antworten können. Probieren es, du wirdst sehen. Haben sie alles eine wunderbar woche diese woche! Sei glücklich bis nächsten mal.

 (An imperfect translation from google translate: Just know that I love with my whole heart. The Lord really is a reason for the people that did this are in Germany. The work goes faster every day, and all of us missionaries try to run with it! I love my calling to be a missionary. I really pray that spürren every day when I go to the street to find people. I am SO glad it's ungläublich! Time has been going quickly. I bemerked that the Scriptures are really true when it says that we have to leave our own to find our own. I know my purpose. Tells you? We all have purpose here on earth. Every day I ask people, "What is the meaning of life?", And many people have no idea. Feel never know how you have no purpose. Help one another, and I promise that you will have more luck and quietude, and the Lord is near to come to you. I love you all. So much. I am so excited for the opportunity in one month with you at Skype! Appreciate your family, the Prophet has said that your family is the dearest things in our lives. It's the truth. I know that we have a living prophet today, and it really speaks to God. Joseph Smith God and His Son, Jesus Christ, really seen. I know with my mind, that the Book of Mormon can answer anything asked. Try it, you see wirdst. Have a wonderful week all this week! Be happy until next time.)

 I´ll have more time next time, I promise… WITH pictures. Don´t give up on me, I promise I read every last word you write. :) Shoot, I gotta run. Tschuuuuussss!!!

 --- Elder McGinn the IV.

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