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Email - April 15, 2013

What is this I hear about bets being placed on me being fat when I come home?!? I see what happens when I leave. And I hope you know, just to prove you all wrong, I carried a 50 pound weight all the way back from Bonn to our apartment in E-town just to get some quality morning sport in. :) Anybody want to change their guesses?

 I really can't spend a lot of time, Elder Divver just set up an appointment with a member in about an hour, and we have to take a long train ride, so I guess I can't complain but I am so sorry! I'm so glad everything is going well at home, it is absolutely amazing here! This week we had our first split, my first ever, and guess who my new companion was… Elder Penfold, the AP. The Zone Leaders set up a split with us the same day the APs set up a split with them, so it just worked out nice and dandy, and I was terrified. Haha it was amazing though. Nice to get a fresh break, but also with the four of us we got about 35 new numbers on the street and me and Penfold placed E-town’s first ever Book of Mormon!! It was such a great day, and the people are opening up more and more every day.

 I absolutely love the way things are headed right now. It's also starting to get super warm too! No more getting weird looks while two weird Americans walk around with blue faces stopping in every block in another store to get warm. It's almost 70 degrees right now, and we can't wait to get back on the court with some of those punks and show them how we play in America! The kids especially really are starting to like us, and that has been President Schwartz’s biggest emphasis, the young kids. So many Germans are set in the ways they have had for centuries, and don't care in the least for what these two American’s have to say, but the kids are completely different. So many are sick of their parents’ traditions and want to blaze their own path, so Pres. has encouraged us to get to know as many young people we can and invite them to activities to build a strong friendship basis within the church, and it will just take off.

 That’s the way things are headed right now in Euskirchen, and me and Elder Divver couldn't be more stoked. Plus, it gives us hookups. President asked me and Elder Divver if we would want to go to a German professional basketball game. What do you think we said?! So now we are going to a game with one of the coolest member families ever, the Grunkes, whose daughter actually put her mission papers in yesterday! We are going with this family, three kids who are investigating, and we're encouraged to really friendship these kids through "our talents." It is going to be so fun, as this team, Telecom Bonn, is just about to go into the playoffs! Brother Grunke told us yesterday, with an absolutely dead serious face, and in English so that we would really understand. "Elders, this isn't an opera. This isn't a musical. This is Rome, where men behave as they should behave." Sounds like home to me. :) Haha we're a little freaked out about what we might see with all these people in their natural habitats, but it's going to be an awesome way to really break the ice with these three investigators: David (dahveed, not like yours, dad. :)), Ingma, and Max (very German, huh?).

 Also, real quick story: while me and Elder Divver were out street contacting one night, we saw a man in a park sitting alone on a bench. Elder Divver said "hey, should we buy him and bring him a Kinder Egg?" I love kinder eggs, and so does he, so we both thought nahhh...that's probably our selfish thoughts. But we both felt like it would be a cool idea, so off we went. While we were there, we couldn't just buy one, so we bought twelve. Same diff. (jealous Al?) While we were paying, the lady in front of us was laughing because she thought we were so crazy, typical Americans. We explained that we don't have them back home, so we had to get as many as we could while we had the time! She then asked why two Americans were all the way out here in this little dorf, looking for Kinder Eggs. That gave us the opportunity to start talking to her about what we REALLY do here, besides eat kinder eggs by the dozens, and to make a long story short, we now have Euskirchen's first family that wants to be taught about our message that would bring us this far just to share. It's about time we got inside and actually get to teach.

 Sorry that this is all so rushed and probably makes no sense, but I can't wait to teach in about thirty minutes with the Stein family (remind me about the word "stein" later, I have an embarrassing story about that) and we gotta roll! But I love you all so much. If it wasn't for all of you, I couldn't show everyone here how happy the gospel makes me. I can't teach people something I don't believe in, and because of all of you, I can show and testify with all my heart that I absolutely love my family and know that we can be together forever, and they can too. Through me and you all, the Lord gets to touch his children out here in Germany. They have the opportunity to know and have everything we do too. I love you all and will hear from you all soon! Tschüüüüüssssss!

 --- Elder McGinn

 P.S. Dad, I saw shirts with QR scanner codes on them, and when you scan them, the phrase pops up on your phone of what the T-shirt says. Your foolish ways are spreading over the globe.

 P.P.S: I tried to send pictures, but I have no idea what it says to do since it's in German. But next week, I pinky promise!

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