Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Email - February 19, 2013

 Meine Geliebter Familie!

I've decided I live in Narnia. Time is just an idea in here, but it doesn't really exist. It's hard to distinguish what time of day, or even what day it is, by looking at the bricks on the inside of our classroom. But it's flying. The days feel like weeks, and the weeks feel like days, and I love it more everyday!  It's weird seeing someone from the real world in here, it takes a little for me to realize who they really are before I run them down aggressively.

We just picked up two brand new investigators, Stefan and Slavko Kovacic (you better believe he's from Bulgaria, Mase!) We teach our first lessons tomorrow night, no notes, no nothing. It can be intimidating, but it gets the leaders what they want: terrified elders babbling in terrible grammar and occasional blasphemy if they don't realize what they said. Haha no, I love it. It just makes me look forward to them being REAL investigators for once. The German gets better and better everyday, our teachers won't even talk to us in English anymore, and whenever we hear an English-speaking elder pray in English, we all think "what a pansy." (they don't speak the Adamic language anymore for Iowa, Dad.)

Room 12M 121 has officially become a black market. Every elder who is leaving or just doesn't want their treats drops them off at our room, and we're now running an underground business. The food is free for the Krauts in our branch, but any other elder who wants anything has to make a trade, bigger or better style. Our stash grows everyday, and soon we'll have the bookstore outta business.

I ran into Mack just yesterday, three hours before he had to leave! I'm so jealous, he's so stoked to get out there. Has anyone heard about Trev, I live in a snow globe, we don't get any information in here. BTDubs, I told you I'd bring my list next time, and here it is! Confirmed Visuals: Mack, Nate Bartholomew, Sean Lee, Patrick Clarke, Chelsea Jensen, Carly Madsen, Brack, Bryson Davies, Liz Donakey, Benny, Chris Brunst, Jordan Haines, Kaleb Egbert, Matt Boyd, Jon Thompson, Austin Buxton, Easton Rothwell, Matt King, Sean Weitzel, The Watsons, Mrs. Jones and Hub, Taylor Thomas, Jake Benson (Lehi track kid), Austin Taylor (lineman from football), and Schuyler Gilliam. I left off about fifteen names that you wouldn't know, but it's ridiculous, and all of my district hates me that I know everyone. They call me Elder McVollkommen, which means Elder Mc"Perfect". Keep sending packages, I love how much they hate me and just want it to grow stronger :) sucks to suck.

I have a love/hate relationship with P Days in here because they're P Days, duh, but I hate them because they're still so busy! If i sound a wee bit stressed, that's definitely why, so i apologize! (and no, i'm not going back to capitalize all of those "i"'s) I wish I could write for hours, but I have to get to choir. Someone said I might have a duet with Josh Groban later this month. Haha it's like track, people do it to get out of class :)

Ich liebe diese Evangelium. Jesus Christus hat for uns wirklich gestoerben. Er ist mein Erloesser, und mein Koenig. Ich weiss und wir koennen allen durch die Heilige Geist wissen das Gott im Himmeln ist unser Vater und hat leibe fur uns das wir koennen nul verstehen. Familien sind ewig, und durch die Suehnopfer und betreffenden umkehren wir koennen und werde mit Gott leben. Diese Kirche ist die wahr kirche an die Welt, und die Menschen auf Deutschland und alles uber die Welt kann gluecklich sein. Ich leibe du alles, so viele, und ich willst du zu wissen das ich bin sehr glucklich und bereit fur die Menschen auf Deutschland. Ich leibe dich. Mehr als du kann wissen.

-Deine lieblings Sohn :) 

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