Monday, December 8, 2014

Email & Pictures - December 8, 2014

It's 59 degrees there?? Shoot. It's freezing here. Like sometimes I feel like if I got my ear flicked, it would shatter into a million little pieces. We've got the cold and the Weihnachtsmärkte, now all we need out here is the snow! I'm dying to see some snow right now. It's been waaaaayy too long!

 This week was overall a success though! It was crazy crazy crazy busy! It's gone by super fast, but also feels as if I haven't written emails in three weeks. Last Monday after emails, we went to the "Römer" down in downtown Frankfurt to the heart of the Weihnachtsmarkt, and window shopped for hours! Some missionaries were buying, but I wanted to check out what they had to offer before I dropped any cash. Needless to say, we're probably headed back this week. :) and then on Monday night, we had Familie Heim Abend (FHE) at the Area Authority's home, with J & D! It went awesome, they were able to develop way good friendships, and D talked all about how excited he is for his upcoming baptism! It was an all around solid night.

 Tuesday we had way more office time than I like. We met with President Stoddard, then had District Meeting all about "Er ist das Geschenk" (He is the Gift), and then spent most of the night in the office, getting things ready for Wednesday and Thursday! That night I realized that we had an appointment with J&D on Wednesday, and they could only meet between 11 and 12. Well we had to pick up the new goldens from the airport, and their flight was supposed to come in at 9:35, which means they'd be out around 10:35, and then we had to load up their bags, then drive to pick up our Joint Teach, and THEN drive out to the appointment, which is about 20 minutes away. Things were not looking like they were going to work out, but I refused to cancel the appointment with J&D, and just prayed my heart out the night before that we could somehow make it. The next day, we all arrived at the airport around 9:40, and found out that the golden's plane had landed 30 minutes earlier, which gave us EXACTLY enough time to load them up, drive to pick up our Joint Teach, and we pulled up at the house at 11:01. Which was then followed by the best lesson with them yet, in which D asked me if I'd baptize him. I couldn't believe it the whole day. I don't know how I'll ever be able to pay Heavenly Father back for all of that!

 But after the lesson, the six goldens from the US had interviews and orientation, and we then picked up the three missionaries coming from England! Two Swiss elders and one German. They are awesome and their accents are hilarious (they probably are writing their families saying the same about us...). But then they also got interviewed and oriented. We then had dinner, they left to the hotel, and then all the trainers came and we met with them, and then took them to the hotel. It was an awesome day.

 Thursday was transfer day! A pretty small transfer this time, only 36 changes. Everything went really smooth, aside from the fact that of the four missionaries going home, two missed their trains, and came an hour and a half later than planned, so we had to change up all of our reservations. But things still went well, and because it was a small group we were able to have their Leavers Testimony Meeting in the Mission Home.

 Friday we were on a split with the Frankfurt Zone Leaders. I worked in their area and we had fun teaching a handful of appointments and preparing some Christmas finding materials. And then on Saturday we were on a second split with our District Leader here in Frankfurt. I went with the District Leader's companion, who has been out about 3 months, and we had a blast. It reminded me of how it was to be so new and young on the mission, and really grateful for the progress I've been able to make! He did awesome though, and we had a good day again. That night I had to sing in a barbershop quartet in the International Ward singing O Come O Come Emmanuel, because one of the other guys dropped out and they needed someone last minute. Guess who is playing the piano for the party this weekend and also on the 24th in the German ward? Yep, this guy. Mom, I'm really grateful I can play the piano, but also I get asked literally ALL the time, and sometimes I wish nobody knew.

 Sunday was also good, we had a good time at church, J&D were there of course, and we made out a bunch of appointments for the upcoming week. Sunday night we were invited over by a member so that we could also teach her non-member boyfriend about the gospel. So we had a good time, and then shared “He is the Gift” for our message, and I think it left a powerful impression on this dude. He was pretty shut off, I guess you could say, at the beginning of the appointment, but by the end he was sharing his insights and feelings, and he really warmed and opened up. So we're hoping that turns into something as well!

 This week is gonna be a little crazy as well! We have an appointment tonight with a part member family, and the 19 year old daughter named Lina wants to take the lessons! So we're hoping she becomes a promising investigator. We have a split on Wednesday, and then on Thursday we'll be in Nürnberg, and then on Friday in Jena, and then Saturday it is the Ward Party, and then it's Sunday and the Christmas Broadcast for Germany, and then it's Monday again for the week of Zone Conferences! So big things coming up real fast. We're excited though, it's good to be busy. :)

 Well, there's my week, folks! I hope yours has been a little more relaxed, unless it was just busy and jam packed with the Gospel. Enjoy this next week and all the Christmas lights for me, and I'll send some snow if we get some! No one get sick, stay happy, stay healthy, watch Christmas movies, don't be snarky, and we'll hear from you all soon. :)

 The Church is true! I love you all!

 -- Elder McGinn

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