Monday, December 29, 2014

Email - December 29, 2014

The Krazy Krew,

 Long time no see/talk/hear? I can't believe it's already been 4 days since we talked! That was so good to talk to you all! Nothing has changed at all it seems like, except that three babies are coming in July!!!!!!! Holy, I'm so excited. When I left there was 1 grandkid, and now there's going to be five! What in the world! This will be the best summer ever.

 Alright, hold up. Literally none of you told me what you got for Christmas. What's up with that?! I knew Syd would just get rocks and have nothing to report, but I at least expected something from the rest! I expect to know next week! Haha but I'm glad Christmas was a success for you all as well. I loved it this year. Haha Dad, I'm sorry your murder mystery turned out to be a cheery musical. I'll watch something real manly with you eventually to make up for it.

 I'm glad everything went well with Hannah's homecoming talk! Crazy that she's already back. I'm sure she did awesome and is doing well. And come on BYU! I expected a little more out of them this year. But we'll see what happens when March rolls around! Maybe this is the year (Cougar fans have been saying for the last 80 years...)?

 Well, kind of like you guys, I don't have much to report on as well! After skyping we played some cards and had some dessert with the Southalls, and then turned in for the night! That was an awesome day with them up to that point. The beginning of the week went well, I was in Heidelberg on a split with Elder Mayne. We had a number of appointments including Rochelle, the recent convert I worked with and really like, and she gave us all little stress balls that have different facial expressions and each a different hardness, based on the facial expression! Elder Mayne got a yellow smiley one, that felt like a cotton ball, Elder Brown got a really hard one with a snarl face, and I got the one in between! She said they all represent our personalities. Hahaha, Elder Brown wasn't too happy about that. We also had the Christmas Devotional on the 24th at the church, where I got to play all the hymns, and also accompany two members in a musical number! I'm honestly not that good. I just make them look better in comparison to my lack of skill! Haha, but that was fun. We were then at a member's home where we opened our PJ's that I was wearing on the 25th! That was a blast. Then of course on Thursday we were at the Southall's and you all know what went down that day.

 On Friday we had district meeting and a district white elephant, where I got a picture frame and balloons. #lame. Then we had a lunch appointment, and then drove out to Jena for a split with the Zone Leaders! There was literally no one in that whole city. It's almost purely a college town, and 99 percent of the students were gone for the holidays. So with no appointments, we went out contacting, and in four hours of contacting we had 4 conversations with the only 4 people we saw that day. It went well though! No miracles to report just yet, but definitely not a wasted effort. We drove back to Frankfurt on Saturday night and hit a huge snow storm and it took us forever to get home. But the snow stuck, and I got to throw my first snowball since I was in the MTC!! Booyah! Sunday went well, but a lot of people are still out of town, so I'm looking forward to next week when everything gets back to a normal routine.

 I guess the biggest news of the week is that Elder Emery is officially leaving and headed back home for medical reasons. He's leaving next Monday, which a week and a half ago was super unexpected, and everything has unfolded super quickly! That means that we have about a week and a half between us going home, in the meantime, two new AP's have to be trained and caught up to speed in that amount of time! So the first new elder is coming up today from Nürnberg, and we will all be in a trio until Elder Emery goes home. Then me and Elder Allen, the new elder, will be together all of next week until the second new elder is called, and he joins us in two weeks from today. Then we'll be in a trio again and show them both all of the ropes until I go! And then it's good luck, friends! We got basically whitewashed. It's pretty stressful, knowing that we've got to pass on all of our knowledge about things in a very short time period, but Elder Allen and the second new elder are both really sharp, and will pick it up quick. So I would be more worried if it was anyone but them! So I definitely will be running through the tackle! There's a lot to do and not nearly enough time to do it! We have two splits this week, one with Dortmund and one with Düsseldorf, and Elder Allen will be coming along for all of them, so we're getting him right into gear! It's going to be a blast.

 I love you all, and hope you have a happy New Year! We'll be in the apartments by 6 p.m. because it gets a little crazy, so don't do anything too dumb! I love this church and this gospel, and I love letting it change me the more I soak it in. It is all true!

 See you in a week!

 -- Elder McGinn

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