Monday, November 3, 2014

Email & Pictures - November 3, 2014

Mah fam. Hey!!

 A couple of long nights, back to back, so we're kinda tired. But life is good! And it sounds like it is for you as well! I saw all of the Halloween pictures! I love it. I miss it out here, it's barely a thing! But at all of our appointments where the families have little kids, the little kids have all felt bad for us that we didn't get to go trick-or-treating in our cool costumes that we wear for two years, so they always give us some of theirs! So Elder Emery and I have a big bag of Halloween candy. :)

 Hahaha at first I read the part about the cabin and hitch and thought you said that Mom forgot the hitch! But then I thought "that doesn't sound right...", and re-read it, and I was right. :) Haha don't worry, Dad! An elder going home had a similar experience this week as well! After we got out of the temple (he also had forgotten his temple recommend), he let me know that he forgot his passport and ID back in his apartment. Not only does that stink, but this Elder happened to be serving in Jena, which is a four hour drive from Frankfurt, and both the elders AND sisters in Jena were in Frankfurt because of transfers, so no one was there who could get it for us. So we had to let the Frankfurt Zone Leaders know, and they made the drive at about 6 p.m. and got back around 2 a.m. with the passport, so that this elder could fly out the next morning. So it could have been worse, Dad!

 Well, this week was crazy and has flown by! Monday and most of Tuesday were spent saying goodbye to people Elder Lindsey had developed good relationships with during his time here in Frankfurt. It's strange that he's gone now! He was here in Frankfurt for so long, and now he isn't, and it's just weird! He will definitely be missed. Elder Emery and I both just felt so weird driving home without him after we had dropped him off at the hotel! But we're also excited to get things started back with a normal sized companionship!

 On Wednesday the new goldens arrived, 26 of them! They all looked exhausted, as usual. Haha but ready to get things started! Three are from Timpanogos! The Awerkamp twins, and Jordan Hansen. All great kids, and excited to get out there and start working! We've had so many good groups of goldens in the last few months, this mission really is in such good hands! But we picked them all up, and then traveled to the church where they had orientation, interviews, food, appointments, and everything else to keep it busy until they had dinner and then went to the hotel! But of course, when we called the pizza company to check on the pizza, the number was dead. So we went by, and the whole store was closed down and out of business! So we had to order 30 new pizzas from Pizza Hut last second, but they came in clutch and made it on time! Then the trainers started filing in, the goldens got on the bus and went to the hotel, and we had a Train the Trainers meeting in the church which went really well!

 The following day was actual transfer day! We met in the hotel at 8:30 to pair the goldens and trainers, and then met back at the main train station to get everything organized, and the elders and sisters going home into cars to head to the temple! The temple was awesome, as was dinner right after, and then we left back to the church for the Leavers Testimony Meeting! Always a highlight, seeing the testimonies of missionaries right about to go home, after their whole mission has come to a close. Afterwards, we all filed in cars and took them to the hotel! It took two cars, and Elder Emery and I were the only ones coming back, so we got permission to drive alone, each in one car, back home! It was awesome. You all may be laughing at that, but that was a big deal to be alone! We made it. :)

 On Friday we had MLC! Mission Leadership Council, in Offenbach! It went great. We talked about working with Stake Leaders, having a positive attitude, raising the bar, and baptizing consistently! This mission is stacked with some awesome leaders in its line-up! Then on Saturday, we met at President Stoddard's that morning to have a conference call with the newly called Zone Leaders, District Leaders, and Sister Training Leaders, which also went well! No phones came unplugged. :) We then had breakfast with a member family! Most of the rest of the day was spent planning 10 splits for the next three weeks of the transfer and giving church tours!

 Sunday was great, as always. A 23 year old less active member who we've been working with also showed up, and brought her aunt, cousin, and her boyfriend!! I spent all three hours with her boyfriend, getting to know him, and we got along great! He's 24, big into sports, and said ever since he met his girlfriend 4 months ago, things have been going well for him. So when she asked if he wanted to come with her to church, he said yes! And the best part? We're going over this weekend to teach him in HER house! Such a miracle and answer to our prayers. Prayer works! It does not get any better than that situation right there. So we're preparing and praying a lot that it will go well! We also dropped by on a less active family that we haven't seen in a while and found him outside working on his four-wheeler! So we helped him out for a second, he invited us in, and we had a good chat and set up a return appointment for this week! So things are lining up well for this next week! We should be pretty busy. Three splits, one with the Frankfurt ZL's, one with the Tech Elders in the office, and one with the Jena ZL's! We should be seeing some awesome things happening this week!

 Sorry, that was a lot. All jumbled into one package. But I hope you all could get a good picture of my week! It was awesome. We're happy, healthy, safe, smiling, working, and doing what we can. Does that meet your requirement, Mom? :) Let me know if it doesn't! I always welcome a little correction!

 The church is truer than ever! Don't believe me, then put some effort into it and find out!

 I hope you all have an amazing week!  I'll hear from ya soon!

 -- Elder McGinn

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