Monday, November 10, 2014

Email - November 10, 2014

Breaking out the Christmas lights, is it already that close??

 I'm kinda jealous that you all are still having perfect weather like that! The clouds have officially settled in over Germany, and they disappear only like once a month until April! So the number of times I get to see the sun in Germany may be down to the fingers on one hand. But enjoy the warm weather! Cause it's really getting chilly over here.

 We have seemingly little time, a new elder just got here from Hannover! His name is Elder Sievers, and he's huge! Haha he's like 6'7'', and he's waiting for his Visa to go to the Denver Colorado Mission! Awesome dude. He used to be inactive, but then members from the ward really starting reaching out to him, he became active again, and then he baptized his girlfriend a month ago! He has such a fire for missionary work, and he's gonna be a big boost to our mission and to Colorado when he gets there.

 But anyway, this week went well! A lot of splits! We had a split with the Frankfurt Zone Leaders at the beginning of the week, a split with the Tech Elders from Wednesday to Thursday, and then we left Friday evening for Jena! The cursed land of forgotten passports. But they all went well! A lot of office work here in Frankfurt, and some good lessons out in Jena! I went on a split with the just recently called Zone Leader, and he is one of the best college debators in the nation! He has won tournaments all over! And it was super interesting and cool to see how he used that in missionary work! Like in the scriptures, where it talks about the learned people who try to catch others in their words, that's what I feel like he is! He makes such a good, convincing point, and doesn't take weak excuses, so when he finds people to teach, they are people who really get what they're getting themselves into and take it seriously. We found a new investigator in the University dorms named Nick, and had a chance to teach a quick lesson about the restoration ,and then set up a return appointment for the following day, which they said went very well. After the split, when we were about halfway back to Frankfurt, we realized that I had forgotten my toothbrush and razor back in Jena. The curse of Jena continues.

 This last week and also this next week we have been working with a less active family (the Roas) who asked us this last week, "Elders, how does the sealing work in the temple? We've never been inside, and we can't get over this feeling we have to go there every time we see a picture of the temple. Can you teach us about that?" One of those perfect questions that we've been waiting for the whole time! They all laughed at how excited I was to get over there and start getting them ready for the temple. That's true conversion and reactivation right there! Onto the next ordinance and responsibility. So pray for them this week, that all goes well and they continue to make awesome progress!

 We also taught the member girl and her boyfriend this week! (Jessica and Daniel). It was so good. He is so interested, and the member girl, who has only been active for the last three weeks, acts as if she has been active for her entire life! She was such a connection to the lesson, and brought such a powerful aspect to her boyfriend as well. Halfway during the lesson, her little brother (Viktor), who is also inactive, came and joined in on the lesson, and really enjoyed it. We taught them the Restoration of the Gospel, one of the most powerful lessons, and committed them all to read and pray in the Book of Mormon, and they are already reading together multiple times a week! Ah, we're so excited. And on Sunday it was Stake Conference, so we almost weren't planning on them being there, because it wasn't even in Frankfurt and they already live far enough away from Frankfurt, but they were there!! They showed up on their own, together. They are honestly SO awesome. We'll be going by again this week to teach them again, and we're so excited. So pray for them as well!

 And in addition to them, we had two other investigators who showed up to Stake Conference, so it was an amazing weekend. Filled with miracles. thank you all for your prayers, it makes more of a difference in our lives than you all realize. It's the prayers of faithful parents and friends that carry a missionary through the week. So thanks. :)

 We're off to Wiesbaden, Düsseldorf, and Dortmund this week, so it will feel like maybe just a day before I'm back again next week! I'll let you know how that all goes, but we're excited. There is something happening in the mission and in missionary work right now that is hard to describe, but so contagious. For the last few months, the mission has averaged at finding about 40 or so investigators a week, and we were floating at a pretty constant 36-38 baptismal dates. But in this last week, the mission found 72 new investigators, and the baptismal dates jumped up to 47! This year is going to end so strong. I can't wait. If there was ever a time to pitch in and help out, it's now. :)

 Thank you so much for your testimonies and prayers. I love and can feel them all. And thanks for the insights that you shared with PEC, Dad! I loved that analogy with the space station. I may be using that at some later time! Make sure you all have an awesome week, keep rooting for BYU and I'll make sure their future point guard comes home in one piece, enjoy the Primary Program, because that is the best Sunday of the year, and just have fun. :) I miss and love you all!

 I love you, Mom. :)

 euer Lieblings,

 -- Elder McGinn

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