Monday, June 23, 2014

Email & Picture - June 23, 2014

Thursday, June 26th. Deutschland gegen USA. Tune in. It's gonna be big.

 This week has been verrückt. It's felt like it's flown, but also it’s felt like a month long because of everything we've done! But it's super refreshing to have that week behind us! Elder Chicky, or should I say Matthew Chicky, found his family successfully at the train station, and is now somewhere in the middle of Switzerland looking for the Matterhorn. But really. That was a super fast 3 months with him, and super weird that not only is he out of Frankfurt, but his time is done as a missionary! He was an incredible missionary, and helped me and this mission so much. I'll miss the guy!

 With Elder Chicky being gone, the missionaries here in Frankfurt are all relatively fresh to the area, so there is some potential big change coming up with new ideas and styles! It's gonna be interesting to see what happens!

 But with my new companions, it's gonna be great! :) Dad, it is true, I have two companions instead of one! Normally that can be super frustrating to be in a trio, but with these two, it's awesome.

 Companion #1! Elder David Kitchen, Provo, UT. 18 years old, graduated from Timpview in 2013. Awesome kid. Very willing to work and throw out ideas, despite the language barrier. Incredible faith, that will carry him so far here on his mission. He knows Lennon from high school!

 Companion #2! Elder Jared Lovelace, Houston, TX. 20 years old, did a little bit with the Army before his mission. Also awesome, super hard working and faithful. Fearless when it comes to acting on a prompting. I love working with these guys! They're both super easy to get along with, funny, and ready to work. They're also both 6'3'' and 6'4'', and make me look like a midget at 6' even. Take a look at the blog picture of us at and you'll see what I mean! Poor President, he looks like a little boy. Things are going to be great with these guys. It's also super nice because with all the things I have to do for the mini mission, they can take me to the office, drop me off with the tech elders, and they can go work while I get things done that I need to! The Trifecta is running great. :)

 The Mini Mission is underway! The Kaiserslautern Stake started yesterday! So far so good, a few difficulties with supplies and things, but it's running super smooth right now, and we're all excited about it, and so are the mini missionaries! With President leaving this week and Elder Chicky being gone, I've definitely felt all the weight on my shoulders, but it'll be good. The weights make you stronger, right? I'm having a blast with it.

 This week on Thursday is the goodbye Zone Conference for Pres. Schwartz, and next Thursday is the welcome Zone Conference for Pres. Stoddard! Back to back. It's super busy right now, and there's so much change. It's really sad to see Pres. Schwartz go. Everyone always told me how much I'd come to love my mission president, but I didn't really believe it too much because I didn't understand how I could love somebody as much as they all said, who I didn't even know! But everyone was right, and Pres. Schwartz will always be one of my heroes and examples throughout my whole life for what he does for me and this entire mission. I look forward to meeting Pres. Stoddard here in Frankfurt, and wish that I could be with him as long as I was with and got to know Pres. Schwartz, but you can't have everything your way!

 I still don't have my license, but I wish I did! It's kinda awkward trying to be a companionship of three! Everything is designed for two. Two beds, two bikes, two train tickets, two desks. So we've been figuring it out, and if I had my license, we could take the car instead of playing the whole train ticket tango or having a little duck trail on the bikes! I just haven't had time to go pick it up, so hopefully I'll get to that this week.

 Alright, y'all. Germany versus America on Thursday. President texting the whole mission on Friday, informing us that we are allowed to watch just one World Cup game, either with members or investigators. And it's perfect, because we met with an inactive YSA named Gesa for the first time this week who went on a student exchange to Alta High School, and she and her family invited us over for the game just hours before we got the text! We turned them down, but called them right after we got the text to say we could still make it! So we get to cheer for the US against the Deutschers and also develop a great relationship with this YSA as we try to bring her back to the Church. :)

 We've got two big street displays coming up this week with the tent and everything, and the mini missionaries are going to come to it! We use the mission van here in Frankfurt to load everything up, and there's a part of the Zeil where we can drive up onto it, set up, and leave and find a parking spot. Works like clockwork here in Frankfurt. :)

 Well we're outta here. We gotta meet the other missionaries to go check out some little American Goods Store that someone stumbled across. Unfortunately I don't think it will have any otter pops, but we'll see! Thanks for thinking of me, Mom. :)

 You guys are great, and I love being able to hear from you all every week. I'm so grateful for families, and that I get to eat otter pops with you all for eternity! Imagine how much better they taste up there. We have so many blessings that we take for granted as members of the Church. I hope we'll all be a little more aware of the tender mercies of the Lord in our everyday lives, and work a little harder on being a little more thankful every day. That's where happiness comes, and that's the whole reason the Book of Mormon was written. To remind us how merciful the Lord has been to our fathers. I love you all, life is great, I'm happy, healthy, and trying to give my all out here, and I'll hear from you soon. :)

 mit schwitzigen Grüßen,

 -- Elder McGinn

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