Monday, May 5, 2014

Email - May 5, 2014

Dang it, faja! You beat me to it. I honestly couldn't wait last night to get you with a "May the 4th be with you", knowing it would tickle your fancy, but you beat me. But I do hope it was with you anyway!

 Liebe Familie, seiet gegrüßt!

 I hope you all have had a crazy sunny, crazy fun and busy week like I have! It sounds like you guys have a great Stake Conference coming up! I don't doubt it will be awesome. I do miss hearing you speak, Dad! (even if the others don't). You always have such a powerful spirit with you when you speak, and I am one of many who have always been so influenced by your testimony and example to be a better me. The Heatheridge Stake is so blessed to have the Stake Presidency they have! Let me know how it goes.

 Alright chaps, Mother's Day is coming up, and I decided I don't wanna skype! so that's that! Have a good one!

 K, I lied. I'm actually super excited to see you all on Sunday! It feels like we just skyped a few weeks ago, but I guess here we are again! Gosh, time is flying. We'll be punctual, I promise! So get ready, cause it's gonna be big. And I'm super excited to hear Cohen and Knox this time! We'll have one more participant than usual, thanks to you, Knox! Anyway, those are the details, and we'll be seeing us soon. :)

Aside from that, this week was good! Busy and a little tedious, but good. Saturday was transfer calls AGAIN, and Elder Chicky and I will be staying together for a second! His last transfer. He goes home on the 20th of June, so it's going to be a crazy transfer. I'm excited to get another cycle with him. He's as old and as experienced as you can get out in the field, and I'm gonna drain every ounce of knowledge from him I possibly can. Going home with him (but not actually to South Carolina with him) is President Schwartz! I can't tell you all how sad I am that President is finishing up his mission. He is an amazing man, and I have never met anyone like him. I have come to love him so much, and am a little torn inside that he'll be finishing up. But it is okay, because he lives in Feucht, a city which is in our mission, so we'll be seeing him around.

 So being here in Frankfurt with a mission president transition, we're super busy! We have to get Pres. Schwartz out, and prepare and get Pres. Stoddard in! We've spent a lot of time in the office, but it is worth it. Also, plans have been approved, and the Mini Mission is about to begin! And as the Mini Mission Coordinators, Elder Chicky and I will be going around the mission to get it started! So starting on May 17th, our first trip will be up to Düsseldorf! We're excited and stressed, and it's going to be good to finally get things going. I'm a little stressed because we were at President's house on Saturday, and he said to me "Sad that Elder Chicky and I will be going home, huh? A large portion of the mini mission will be carried by you. Are you ready, Elder McGinn?" Oh boy. But it's exciting.

 Other than that, things were kinda the same old same old! We talked with a lot of young students, and found one who seems very interested and promising! Her name is Camille, and she said she would be at an activity this week, and we have been staying in contact, so we'll see if she turns out to be an investigator! We also had some church building tours this week, which weren't the best. Haha to make a long story short, we invited all of the former investigators we could find numbers for (which is hundreds) to the church tours on Saturday! When the time came for the tours, we were all there and waiting, and no one came. None of the people we called, even those who said they would come, came. So after 30 minutes of nothing, another elder and I made a quick sign that said "Gemeindehaus Führungen!" on it and held it outside as we asked people off of the street if they had any time and interest for church tours. Surprisingly, we got 2 people right away! We had the chance to show them our amazing stake center here in Frankfurt, explain to them the pictures of Joseph Smith and other pictures on the walls, and introduce and give to them a Book of Mormon! Our original plan didn't work, but maybe it was because we never would have met these two people on the street had we been busy with other people and other church tours! Who knows. All I know is that the Lord knows, and His ways and meanings are mysterious yet perfect, and there was a reason we didn't see as much success at our activity as we wanted to.

 We are constantly learning, growing, and improving, and as long as we don't let go of the iron rod that leads us through, we will never go astray. I'm so grateful I'm here in Germany right here and right now. It's where I'm supposed to be. I saw a quote this week that I liked that said "we never know what today will bring. But we traded a whole day of our life for it, so don't let the opportunities pass you by, because when tomorrow comes, today will be gone forever." and I agree. The opportunities to grow and learn and whatever else that you will have today were worth trading one day of your life for them! So don't let that day go to waste by not using what you bought for it. Try a little harder to be a little better.

 I love my Savior and I love you all, and I look forward to hearing from you next week! Have the best weeks ever, and I'll see you in six days!

Your favorite missionary son,

 -- Elder McGinn

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