Monday, May 12, 2014

Email - May 12, 2014

Family! Long time no see!

 I am so happy I got to see and talk to you guys yesterday! Skyping totally snuck up on me, and I have no idea where that time went since Christmas! Dad, I know what you mean. The Pioneers would probably shoot it with their muskets, thinking it was some kinda black magic. We're so constantly and increasingly blessed, sometimes we don't even realize it! Mom, I loved the new shirt. New to me, at least. You're the first person I saw when the screen popped up, and just the person I was looking for! I hope you had an amazing Mother's Day. :) Dad, you're still the tech wiz, and without you, none of this would be possible. So I guess it all kinda does revolve around you, like you always say. :) Mase and Ash, I'm super jealous you're touring Europe right now, and I better be seeing pictures soon! Allie, Jeff, Cohen, and Knox, I finally met you all in person (kinda) all at once! You all are looking good, and I'm honored to have been chillin on your bed with y'all. (and it's so freakin weird that Cohen can talk now! I can actually communicate with him...let the brainwashing begin) :) Griff and Julie, even though it sounded like you were whispering, you guys looked right at home, and it's ridiculous you've been married for a year. Cut it out! Snark, I mean, Syd, I'm glad you like the glow stick-smelling blanket, and enjoyed fifty minutes of chillin on the couch listening to us quatch!

It really was so good to talk! There's just 2 things I hate about skyping: 1. it's nearly impossible to fill you all in on what has been happening in the last year or so of my life in just 50 minutes, so I apologize if you all feel unfulfilled! 2. 50 skype minutes = 5 real life minutes. By the time you feel like you said hi, it's time to say bye! But seeing all your charming faces is just what I needed. Right after that we headed off to a member appointment to share a Mother's Day message, and then we came back to the apartment and started planning out our presentation for this weekend in Düsseldorf! We are so excited, especially Elder Chicky since he's never really left the Frankfurt Zone. This is gonna be an awesome opportunity to get the youth pumped for missionary work and mini missions, and hopefully the excitement will trickle into other zones and stakes around the mission! We're excited, so wish us luck!

 I kinda already filled you in on what has been happening as of late, mostly including tedious small tasks getting ready for the big transition, but this week should be good! We have a number of appointments set up, and we're excited to be working in both the International and German wards here! We'll do our best to give a good lesson at the Jensen's as well, don't worry. Other than that, we're looking forward to having a ton of finding time and hopefully increasing our teaching pool this week, we'll be planning more for the mini mission and helping out in the office, and then we'll be up in Düsseldorf, and then back next Monday before you know it! This week will fly.

 We don't have a ton of time, and Elder Chicky is getting frustrated with trying to sign up for classes at Clemson, so we gotta roll! But I love you all! I'm so grateful I have such an amazing family here on earth! What makes it even better is we'll have Mothers Days to celebrate for eternities together, so strap in. :) I hope you all had an amazing Mutter Tag and and even better week! Everything is going great here, and even more importantly, the Church is true! So tell your friends, or else we missionaries will! :)

 Love you all, and talk to you soon!

 -- Elder McGinn

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