Monday, April 21, 2014

Email - April 21, 2014

K, I just gotta make you aware that I have 17 minutes to type this email. So I sincerely apologize, but we have been SOOO busy, and you can't really tell President no when he calls up a meeting!

 I loved the pictures, and I'm happy you all had a great Easter and week! I love Easter so much. And I kinda wish you all hadn't seen the Because of Him video (Dank Ihm as we call it in Deutsch) because I wanted to tell you guys about it! I seriously have seen it over 30 times, and we did a whole street display with a projector and screen where we just showed that video over and over on the shopping strip with Books of Mormon, until the weather got too crazy and we had to pack up and leave. Such an amazing video, with such a powerful, true message.

 This week has been...crazy! We dedicated this entire week to just finding. Not a single appointment, and we have been all over. We have gone to student dorms, done street displays, contacted around the neighborhoods and spent so much time trying to spread the gospel message! We gave out like 15 copies of the Book of Mormon, but no solid investigators yet! That will come. We found a bunch of potentials and just need to follow up, and that takes time. But it's going well!

 Other than that, we are super busy because President Schwartz has called us to set up a YSA Mission plan for the whole mission that we will apply here in Frankfurt, and then send it out as a pattern for the rest of the mission. He has also asked us to set up University Elder trainings, with call ins and helping others know how to be as effective as possible on the universities, and he has ALSO asked us to set up the plan for what is called the Mini Mission. Basically, any youth who has interest has the opportunity to go on a mini mission with the elders for a week, and experience real life mission life. Name badge and all. And we are in charge of setting up EVERYTHING for that mission wide. So we are super busy meeting with President and the AP's and getting plans going, but it's going to be awesome and we're super excited! The only problem is that the whole Mini Mission thing kicks into gear the end of June, after Elder Chicky and one of the AP's are gone, and I'm one of the only other ones who knows exactly what's going on when the new mission president comes. So President laughingly asked me if I'm excited to have it all dumped on my plate in a few months. Oh crap. So I gotta get a solid footing and start studying these plans so I know them inside and out when 3 members of our 4 man committee are gone, and there's a new mission president. No pressure. Haha but everything is so good!

 I love this city, I love this work. I would not be anywhere else if I had any say in it anyway. But I could go for your cooking, Mom. That'd be nice. I'm sick of hard-boiled eggs. That's what every elder knows how to cook, and nothing else.

 I love you all! Sorry it's so rushed, but just know I'm happy, I'm healthy, we're working super hard, and I love it. I hope you all are doing just as well, because you should be! Alma 26:35. Have the best week ever, don't let any more people pass out at the pulpit, get a pic with Magic Johnson, and keep being the flawless fam you are, and I'll hear from you all soon! Ich liebe euch!

 -- Elder McGinn

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