Monday, April 14, 2014

Email - April 14, 2014

 Sorry to get y'all excited last night just to say hi and then come back right now! I hope you're all sleeping soundly, dreaming of my beach house in Newport and the hammock out back that Syd sleeps in. :)

"Hollywood, 1939…" that is probably my favorite ride ever. But then again, you all loved Rockin' Rollercoaster at Disney World, and I was too small to ride. One day I'll redeem myself.

 In the last 7 days, I have lost 9 pounds. It's not like I wanted or was trying to, but that just shows how much we bike here! It's the best. I have never had the option of bikes on my mission, and now that I'm in the biggest city with the most forms of transportation possible, we use bikes. They're skinny little road bikes and we dart in and out, ties flapping in the wind. I'm a real missionary, Mom! :) It kinda reminds me of that bike movie we saw with Joseph Gordon-Leavitt? Anyway, it's sweet.

 We have been busy! Unfortunately not with all the things we would like to be. Here in the FFM (Frankfurt am Main) we are kinda like a stage crew, and we need to do some maintenance work. So this last week we bought new bikes for elders, took the mission vehicle into the shop to get fixed, and other things like that. We also had a couple of bomb street displays on the "Zeil", the big shopping strip, with tables and signs and pamphlets and saw some awesome success! The only downside: Elder Chicky and I transport a lot of the materials with this wagon thing we created that Elder Chicky pulls behind his bike, and as we were travelling to the Zeil, he hit a weird bump, and all our stuff, Books of Mormon and all, flew out into the road. The light was luckily red, but we scrambled to pick it all up as fast as we could. A bunch of Books of Mormon were scratched up, but we still went and had awesome contacts. Just not our best moment. So put that in your pipe and smoke it, Satan! Just a little excitement to keep things entertaining I guess! We had some good appointments with members this week, but unfortunately the 2 investigators this companionship had before I came have now tschussed us, so it's back to a little more focus on the finding game this week!

Well, sorry it's rushed, but I love you all, and when I have time I'll hook up the camera and send all the sweet pics next week! Keep doing what you do, especially when it comes to being a light and an example to those around you! Never hide your candle under a bushel. Liebe an euch alle!

 -- Elder McGinn

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