Monday, December 23, 2013

Email & Pictures - December 23, 2013

Fruilöchte Greäletchen!

Hahaha I could have told you all that means Merry Christmas, and you all would have believed me. :)

Fröhliche Weihnachten! There we go. :)

K, let's be real and just get started with all you are even reading this email for anyway. Wednesday! Also known as Christmas, is the day when I will be seeing all of your charming faces for the first time in 7...actually, almost 11 months! Seeing that things didn't work out so hot on Mother's Day. But it should this year! The only downside. We will be at a member's house to eat and skype starting at 1 o’clock, our time. So the plan is, we will eat and quatsch for 2 hours, and then Elder Shively will skype for 40 minutes, and then I will skype for 40 minutes. Which means that I will be skyping you guys around 7:30 or 8-ish. A.M. Ouch. I understand if you just call pass on this year and we'll just see us on Mother's Day, but it's your call!

I'm super stoked, just so you all know. :) So Syd, put a cork in your tear ducts (just kidding, your brain might explode) and get your questions ready! Plus I'll introduce you to some real, live Germans! That's awesome to hear that this has been and will be another way good week! I'm way excited for you guys, and especially Ho-Ho and the Giddy-Ups first live performance! I'm still so jealous that you have snow.

I'm sad to say that Herr Döschner didn't go through this Saturday. He pushed the date back himself, despite how excited he is, because he wants to be absolutely positive that when he is baptized, he is DONE with cigarettes, and will never go back. So we still meet twice to three times a week, including FHE with him tonight where I destroy him at Trouble, and a Christmas appointment on the 26th! He's doing great, and his spirits are high, we're just really working with him to be totally done. Thank you for all of your prayers, he really is feeling them and making progress!

Other than him, two of our Investigators left for the holidays, and they were two of our most promising. One is in Italy until January 8th, and the other will be back next week! But luckily we found a VERY promising investigator last week named Saidu Sowa, who has time every day after 6 because he "wants to get every ounce of information about this wonderful church out of our heads before we leave Germany." Haha that you will do, my friend, that you will do.

So we're way excited. It will be a little bit slower of a week because we can't go proselyting on Christmas or Heilige Abend or the 26th, which is also a holiday, so we'll find something to keep ourselves entertained and busy! I'll tell you everything else you all wanna know on Wednesday when I see you all, so until then, enjoy the pictures!


-- Elder McGinn

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