Monday, December 16, 2013

Email - December 16, 2013

Ho Ho Ho! (what a cheesy opening line, right?)

What’s up, fam?? How were your weeks? They sounded way good to me! The Moor Lane Christmas Party, what a legendary event. I miss being stashed up in your guys' room, listening to Dave Parker laugh his pants off downstairs, and coming out to eat the leftovers when you all left to play your foolish games! I love that it's still going strong.

I'm also glad that everyone is home and safe for Christmas! Are you all getting stoked like I am? Mother, I look at those packages everyday with temptation, but I'm a missionary, and missionaries don't give in to temptation, so I will be strong. I'm excited though!

We had a way good week! Very busy. I went on two splits, including one with the Zone Leaders, and time just flies when you're on splits! We had the opportunity to teach a boy who is being baptized, but the entire family speaks only Spanish, except for the dad who speaks very broken English. We teach him, and then he translates it to his son. I had never realized how powerful communication is before. It seriously felt like Tower of Babel at the beginning, as we all stared at each other and said things, but no one understood anyone else. I also noticed how important a smile is. I could not understand a single one of them, and they couldn’t understand us, but their smiles said everything they needed to. You don't need to talk to someone to see the impact the gospel and Jesus Christ have on someone's, especially an entire family's, life. It physically changes something that people notice, and it gives light to others.

I get to go on another Zone Leader split to Heidelberg this weekend to interview 3 baptismal candidates all on the same night! If all of their investigators go according to schedule and if our Herr Döschner goes according to schedule, there will be five baptisms this week! One on Saturday and four in Heidelberg on Sunday!

The work is seriously picking up so fast, I don't think you guys understand. Elder Shively and I literally have almost every hour slot in our planners planned out with appointments this next week, and it's gonna be crazy. These are the weeks you live for in the mission. We're way excited. We're just praying every day for Herr Döschner. When I was in Heidelberg, Elder Shively and the Zone Leader went through the baptismal questions with Döschner in an appointment, and he blew them away in every single one. He's just trying so hard to quit smoking, and he's making progress, but he needs to STOP. It's so hard for him, and he wants to quit so bad, and so we are just praying for a miracle every day. So if you guys could just add him to your prayers that he can quit and be baptized this coming week, I know the Lord will show forth miracles.

We are so stressed, but so happy. Funny how that works on the mission. The more you're running to catch trains and squeezing people into every slot possible and making calls on the way, the better you feel, and the more peace you feel in your heart. I can't help but think Heavenly Father smiles or even laughs as he sees a 19 and 18 year old running around trying to get from appointment to appointment, trying to help people come closer to Christ. We're gonna need his help with catching some connections this week!

Haha, we gotta go, but I hope you know I love you all so much! Mase and Al, I'm a terrible brother, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I sent off something for you guys, but forgot to write it in my email! I love you guys! I promise! This church is true. I renew my testimony of it every single day. I could not be busier, or happier. I hope you all have the best week!

tschicka tschau!!

-- Elder McGinn

P.S. I'm sending a million pictures next week, so be ready!

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