Monday, September 9, 2013

Email - September 9, 2013

Alright, I'm gonna waste no time getting down to the good stuff, I know it's all you all wanna hear anyway! MY NEW COMP!

 Name: Elder Casey Hobson. Hometown: St. George, Utah. High School: Dixie. Birthday: March 18, 1994. Hair color: brown. Eye color: haven't looked that close yet. I'll get back to you on that. Talents: hilarious, all around athletic, very obedient, piano prodigy. But really, he's better than David Lanz. He's two transfers younger than me, but he wastes no time getting to work. I'm super stoked for this transfer, and hope it's more than just one, cause this kid is a stud.

 The other two elders, Haskell and Proffitt, stayed the same, and I'm happy, cause I really have grown close with those guys. I would love to send you all pictures, but you all need to "HOLD YOUR HORSES!" (hahaha something a drunk Irish man would yell to me and Divver in Bonn whenever we said we had to go), because I haven't got the camera yet, but it'll be here soon, and I'll make up for the two non-existent transfers with Anderson because I have no pictures. But I stole a ton from him before he left, and I'll send those soon!

 I talked to Sister Sutton in church yesterday and she told me all about how she talked to you and said that you were such a nice lady, and she might just call again because of that! I'm glad you guys got the chance to talk, and that she wasn't honest and told you all the bad things I've done. Haha jokes, Mom, just joking. :)

 Pshh, have I gotten the last package you sent? Schon gefressen. Google that and you'll understand how much I enjoyed it. (Translation:  Already eaten)  I did get Grandma's too, and it was gone in a matter of hours. Gosh, I love packages. But that doesn't mean send more, cause every time I see the price tag on them, I want to jump off a bridge.

 HAHAHAH so I gotta throw this in there right now, a member, Bruder Buchmiller just called me randomly and said, "Elder McGinn, we're eating dinner right now, and I LOVE this Lion Mustard (mustard Hobson and I gave to them, unbelievably spicy)!! And that's all I wanted to say! Have a good day, tschuss!!" I love the members here.

 Oh my gosh. I heard a lot about this crazy storm, and I hope everything's okay! Did we lose any trees or anything? It rains here a lot in Germany, but never super hard like that, so I'm glad you're all okay! As for the BYU game, that is ALL I hear about lately. Everyone is going crazy about it, especially the elders over here. I'm so mad I missed it, it kills me to be missing my favorite time of the year, especially when BYU gets it together and does work on someone like Texas! Now watch them lose to Utah State. (I'm still a little pessimistic, BYU has failed us too many times in the past. Knock on wood!) But I'm so stoked, and I can't wait to get back and watch Taysom play as a senior! (By the way, that article...I got really concerned for a moment, until I read that fans had outraged and they changed it. PHEWPH.) PG and Timp....I don't wanna talk about it. Not again.

 Well, we just got a call from an investigator named Isaac who needs help carrying something out of his apartment, so plans just changed and we gotta split! But I just want to fill you in on everything going on here. Things are going amazing. This week we had 4 lessons with Katia, all with the Buchmiller family, and she's making so much progress, we just cannot wait to see where she will be. We pray and study so hard for her, and so far the Lord has blessed us so much in teaching clear, in her understanding, and in her faith and courage to accept these commitments and come closer to Christ. I thank you all for your prayers in her behalf.

 We also have this investigator Isaac, who is making so much progress. I may have already told you, but we found him through the former investigators book, and he immediately set up an appointment. We have now taught him two lessons, a third is set up for tomorrow, and he called us just barely to go help him out. We have such a good relationship, and he can't wait for our next appointments.

 There is so much more, but I don't have time, but just know that we are being blessed so much for our obedience. There is indeed a law irrevocably decreed before the foundations of the world, just like it says in D&C relating to obedience, and I have such a firm testimony of the blessings that come from it. The Lord didn't give us commandments to hinder us, but rather to keep us in bounds, enjoying the game of life, without any pauses or out-of-bounds. We all can be a little more obedient in so many ways, and I challenge you all to think of the ways you can too, and I promise the blessings will follow shortly after.

 I love you all.  I can't wait for this next week, and I'll let you know all about it (AND write my other siblings back that I love just as much, but Mom takes the cake when time is on the line, sorry!) next week!

 Machts gut, und bis nächstes mal! (Translation:  Make it good until next time!)  Tschicka-tschau for now!

 -- Elder McGinn

 P.S. Dominate this week, Syd! I wanna see pictures of you at state in a few weeks, tearing it up!

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