Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Email - March 5, 2013

Well, well, well, you're all still alive and the house hasn't been burned down and I'm still alive and the MTC hasn't had a prison break…yet.

 Um, we did in fact just end RBWII (Rubber Band War II) about thirty minutes ago, because Elder Conteh got shot in the eye, ran into the fort, and brought it all down. So it had a dramatic, fitting ending. Haha, I love gym time though, don't get me wrong! I can stand at the windows and see BYU out one corner and the general region of our neighborhood out the other. I feel so far away in here when I'm really not, it's crazy.

 And yes! I have seen both Connor AND Brad AND Zach Jensen. At least twenty times with each of them. There is no feeling like seeing a homie in here, looking scared out of their little rookie minds, noses stuck in their maps. I can't even imagine how langweilig die Welt ist ohne uns, besonders fur die Maedchen. :) (Google translate that, why don't ya?) But I can't wait to catch J Gass :) Speaking of J Gass, Jeff was an investigator this week for my district in TRC! Talk about a small world. The sisters stole him though before we could get to his room to teach, but I got to talk to him after.

 So we have a problem. I like hearing about you, but you want to hear about me! So I'll do my best :)

 This week was incredible. Last Tuesday night, the speaker: M. Russell Ballard. What's even better is we missed choir cause we couldn't get a seat, so we just waited in line to get a good seat, and instead of being way in the back, we were third row when he walked in and we all stood up. The talks here are unbelievable. How could you ever doubt an Apostle when he stands and bears with all his soul that the Lord LIVES. I have never seen someone be so sure of their testimony in my entire life, and it makes me want to carry that same light and conviction in my eyes, with that power.

 Also on Sunday we had the Provo Temple President speak to us, and his was absolutely amazing, so amazing and sacred in fact, that he asked us not to share what was said. Maybe one day, when I go through the temple with you all again here, I'll let you know :) So powerful, so sacred, and so enlightening. I love Sundays here so much, I hate thinking that I only have two left. Two weeks from this exact moment and I will be on a plane, Europe bound. Speaking of! Our travel plans "should" (MTC promises never last) be finalized on Saturday.

 Oh! I almost forgot. This Sunday I was called to be the Distriktleiter. It's just a little taste of what leadership will be like out in the field, if I was ever good enough to lead out there. Luckily, my district is a dream district, and being the District Leader isn't a challenge at all. It just gives me a chance to get to know them all even better! The best leader just means the most diligent servant, like Christ showed us all. It's going to be hard to say goodbye to my district in two weeks when we most likely split up in Dallas or something, they're all such solid missionaries and the German/Austrian/Swiss people have no idea what's coming their way. I just feel bad for them that they have to serve there, and not in Frankfurt. :)

 I gotta start wrapping up, but I absolutely love what I have the opportunity to do every day. The German has suddenly started flowing into our minds, and we're retaining so much. At least we think so, until that first day out in the field where we don't know jack diddly. But I have learned more in 4 weeks than I did in four years. And it's not me, it's the Lord's help, through the Holy Ghost. Like my favorite scripture says, "Ja, ich weiß, das ich nichts bin. Was meine Kraft betrifft, so bin ich Schwach. Darum, will ich nicht mit mir selbst prahlen, sondern ich will mit meinem Gott prahlen, denn in seiner Kraft kann ich alles tun." Alma 26:12 baby, I have it by memory now. It's so true, this is all because of the Lord and His will. I'm no good at German, but the Lord is flawless, and He will help me. And like Elder Bednar said in a talk I watched this week, "It's less of what you say, and more of who you are." People don't come to this church for the words we speak, they come for the feeling they get, and I get to feel that every second of every day. How could anyone not want this?

 Ich liebe der Herr. Er hat die größest segnung in die geschicht des Welts, das Sühnopfer. Ohne seiner opfer, wir können zu Gott zurückkehren nicht, unser größest ziel. Unser Vater im Himmel will uns zu ihm zurückkehren, also wir können ewige leben und ewige glück haben. Ich bin so ganz dankbar für diese Gelegenheit, mein Erlösser zu dienen. Er ist vollkommen, und seine Evangelium ist vollkommen. Alle Menschen, wie die Menschen im Deutschland braucht diese Botschaft. Warum wollen wir kein mehr Glück haben? Es macht keine Sinn. Höffenlich Sie alles wissen, das ich diese Werk leiben. Es bringt mir Freude und Friede, und ich will alle menschen diese segnungen zu haben. Ich habe schütz, immer, wenn ich der Heilige Geist folgen und seiner einflüßen. Ich liebe Sie alles, und meine Liebe wachst jeden tag. Ich weiß das diese Kirche wahr ist, für immer. Nie seiner Zeugnis vergessen. Menschen brauchen alle seiner Zeugnissen. Teil es. Im Namen Jesu Christi, Amen.

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