Monday, October 6, 2014

Email & Pictures - October 6, 2014

 Das stimmt, du bist eine Frau! Und du bist meine Mutter. Die beste Mutter auf der Welt.

 There's your homework, Mom! Translate that without Google Translator! :)   I'm proud of you! Look at you, speaking perfect German, grammatically correct and everything. We'll be able to speak German when I'm home and talk about anyone we want to behind their backs. :) If that isn't motivation to learn German, I don't know what is!

 And yes, make sure to get those pumpkins soon! I keep bugging Elder Lindsey that we need to get pumpkins soon and carve them, and he's about to give in. I want to do it with a less active family we're working with, because that would just be flat out a blast.

 Wow, sounds like it's getting cold at home! That's what Elder Emery has been telling us as well....Oh, that brings me to my first item of business: Elder Emery is back! We picked him up on Saturday morning, and shoot has he gotten skinny and tired! Haha after his surgeries at home he's lost 30 pounds, but he didn't want to wait any longer and wanted to finish his mission, so he came right back out! So for the last 3 days he has been with Elder Lindsey and I.  Elder Emery is honestly a blast. Haha it's gonna be a ton of fun! But he's doing well and we're breaking him in fast, and the three of us are having a fiesta together. We love it!

 This week was great! Kind of a typical week, and unfortunately we didn't have a lot of time in our area, because we had a split in Düsseldorf! That takes a day and a half away from being in Frankfurt. But it was great, we had a great time with the Zone Leaders there, and saw a couple of awesome miracles that the Lord led us to, and found them a bunch of new investigators! And then on the way back, we pulled off of the highway for 5 minutes to take a picture at the Cologne Cathedral, because Elder Lindsey had never been and goes home in three weeks. Pictures to come!

 Aside from that, we helped an awesome recent convert move from his apartment in the slums to a dorm with another member! Prime situation. We also had a Zone meeting this week, and a few meetings with president to prepare for some big things coming up in the near future. Other than that, General Konferenz ate up our entire weekend, but it was totally worth it! How great was conference this time around? The first session we got to watch on Saturday night which was great, and then we got to watch Priesthood, Saturday Afternoon, and Sunday Morning all on Sunday! Actually, we didn't get to see Saturday afternoon, because we went to watch it at a part member family's home, but the internet wasn't working, so we watched the Joseph Smith movie instead. A worthy substitute. But Priesthood, Saturday Morning ,and Sunday Morning were awesome. And we'll watch Sunday Afternoon next week for two hours of church! So it's not over yet! I, like you dad, loved President Uchtdorf's "Is it I?" talk, even though it wasn't delivered in German, that punk. It was really a humbling talk, and I've gone over my notes many times and am really working on taking it seriously what he said and improving myself for the better! And I hope you all are doing the same! Take your favorite talk from Conference, study it, and do what that talk invites you to do, and change for the better. Those men up on that stand have over 900 years of combined wisdom and experience, listen to it!!! We need it.

 We don't have a ton of time, but this next week is looking great with three different splits, an overflow of appointments, and a lot of potential. I hope and pray that we can accomplish it all!

 Well, I love you all. Have an awesome week. I'm grateful to have such amazing parents, siblings, and friends. Your examples are how I know how to help others out here in Germany. So thank you from me, and from all of those I am helping! You're all the best.

 Bis nächste woche. Ich liebe meine Mutter!

 -- Elder McGinn

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