Monday, September 1, 2014

Email & Pictures - September 1, 2014

I'm glad the package made it in one piece! I had a tiny bit more in there, but it was 300 grams too heavy, and would have been 35 Euro, so I removed a pack or so of candy. But I hope you all enjoyed it and realized how much better I'm treating myself out here than you all are in the States! Haha the Oreo and Erdbeer Joghurt are my favorites for sure. But I knew Mom always loves the different nuts. Luckily you would always get cremes just to make me happy whenever you'd buy chocolate, Mom. :) You guys will have to let me know what your favorite flavors were! I didn't even send you guys all of the different kinds! Not to mention that was just one brand of chocolate. :)

 I've also had a lot of people contact us because of the Book of Mormon play. They always ask what we think of it, expecting us to retaliate defensively or be offended, but are always pleasantly caught off guard when we laugh and say we've never seen it, but we're the real deal right here! It almost always opens up a friendly, funny conversation, and makes it also relatively easy to give them a Book of Mormon and an invitation to find out about the book that so many people are talking about! Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Satan! The way you react to people is a very big indicator of your character, and can either leave a strong, positive impression, or a negative, cold impression. Be ye an example of the believers at all times and in all places! Haha it's really hard for people to get a missionary upset, we're used to that kinda stuff all day. Just planting seeds. :)

 Sounds like another solid week in the McGinn home! I'm happy. Keep it up and keep enjoying the little things, and don't snarf all the chocolate too quick! Our week was also solid. This week I was in Frankfurt on a split, and it was so good to be back in my city. I still am in love with that place, and so it's always good to go back now and again. But I also love it here. It's like not being able to decide what cloud you want to take a nap on in Heaven. It doesn't matter either way, you're still in Heaven, but it still affects you. Haha it was great, though.

 We also had Zone Training Meeting this last Wednesday, and instead of just meeting in the church building like always, we took President's advice to heart and changed up the scenery a bit, so that it didn't feel routine and missionaries could get more out of it! So, seeing that we're in the land of unlimited beautiful landscape opportunities, we took the Zone up to a place called K√∂nigstuhl, on top of a mountain above the Heidelberg Castle, where you could see all of Heidelberg and surrounding cities for miles, and we had our meeting outside. It was a hit. People loved it, we had awesome presentations and talks, and I took some SICK pictures. No worries, they'll be attached.

 After that, I was on a split in Karlsruhe, and got to go home teaching with the Ward Mission Leader, a good friend of mine, to two different member homes that I love so much! It was strange, and I felt like I had never left to Frankfurt or Heidelberg, and was still in Karlsruhe! We had a great time, and were able to give a blessing to a sick mother. (Throughout all of these splits, Elder Henderson was hard at work meeting with investigators and preparing Charles for baptism this upcoming Saturday!) We then had a Ward Activity where we hiked up to some old monastery ruins on a mountain called Heiligen Berg (Mountain of the Saints), and Elder Henderson and I got to give a lesson in the ruins! We had three investigators there with us, and it was soooo good to have them bond with the members outside of the church building! They loved it, we loved it, and the members love it. Not bad. :) That night there was a baptism for the sisters' investigator, and a nonmember family showed up who had been invited, and wanted to come and were totally curious! They enjoyed it, but they live in Wiesbaden, which is pretty far away, next to Frankfurt. So we sent the contact information up there and hope that will turn out well. :) And church yesterday was, and is, awesome, like always! Charles was there, his baptism was announced, the members love him, and we had lunch right after with Charles and some members! And we taught in the Primary, and I thought about you, Mom! :) Haha it's been an all around solid week! The only downside is that Jerry left today for China, and will be gone for the next three weeks, so his baptism had to be postponed, but he's doing well, and we exchanged Skype info so that we can skype some lessons while he is gone! Thank you, technology!

 I hope all of that made sense, I kinda just spit it all out there! But that was our week, solid, and everything is just getting better and better! We're looking forward to an awesome week, topped off by Charles' baptism on Sunday! Keep him in your prayers!

 We've gotta run, but I'm thinking about you all and praying for you all the time! I'm so grateful for your prayers and emails every week, that's what keeps a missionary going! Have the best week, and I'll hear from you next week!! Love you all!!


 -- Elder McGinn

 P.S. Elder Ballard is coming to speak to our mission on the 12th! Sick!!

 P.P.S. We found out this week that Charles played for Nigeria in the world cup in 2010........whoa.

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