Monday, February 10, 2014

Email - February 10, 2014

Robbbbinnnnnn....eggggggggggggg! Hahaha I haven't thought of that phrase in eons, but for some reason Dad's email brought that classic gem back to life.

 Hey! I'm back, still alive, still healthy, still happy, still smart...? Maybe. So no worries Mom, we got all of those checked off from the start. :)

 You had a crazy Sunday, Mom! It actually sounds like a pretty normal Sunday to me when I think about it, and I'm glad we could be unified in our crazy Sundays. One of the many reasons I wish I had you always around, Bahama Mama, is because of exactly what you mentioned, you're always the musical substitute! This week in Priesthood, Bishop pointed to me and the piano because the regular piano player wasn't there, and Bishop discovered my ability when I played at Döschner's baptism, so my cover was blown and I had to play. Luckily I got to choose what to play, so I picked "Kommt, Heilge kommt" (Come, Come ye Saints) which wasn't too bad. :) Oh, and I forgot to tell you last week, but our investigator, Marianna, wanted me to tell you good job for being such a good mother! She said she's been trying to convince her boy to play piano, but he doesn't want to, and I told her how we all had to play until at least 8th grade, and the fact that you got us all to do it was amazing to her. And now that I can see the fruits of your labors (us :)) I can agree. :) So multiple sources have all confirmed that you're the best mom around.

 I'm sorry to hear about the Roberts. You can see it coming for so long, but you're still never ready to say goodbye when it comes. They're in my prayers. I'm just so thankful we have the gospel which is there to comfort us during the very hardest times of life.

 Hahahahahaha Faja, thanks for getting those punks in the Eve's Pears for me, I can't do it myself! I cannot not deny the truth and facts that I am on the downhill slope, but that doesn't mean that I have to talk about it. Therefore I won’t. So there.

 Thanks for the random news, Mom! I appreciate it! Tell Lennon congrats! I'll make sure to hit her up with an email when she enters the MTC and joins the force. :) I also got Al's pictures from Cohen's birthday! I wish I could have been there, but I'll try to catch the next one. Has he moved on from his train stage to cars now or what? In my mind, Cohen is still the little babbler who dances in front of the TV to Thomas's theme song and yells choo choo! at me each time I come down the stairs. I liked him that way. :) Oh yeah! You gotta keep me updated on my Deutschers in the Olympics! Where are the Olympics this year? Ahh yeah baby. Tell Grandpa and Grandma "welcome to the club." They're hooked, and they'll never be free again! I'd kill for an Icee right now, but I also don't want a sloshy, sugary package in the mail, so don't stress it. :)

 I'm glad you all had such a good week it sounds like! We had a good week as well. A pretty slow week, but a good one nonetheless. On Saturday we got to go to the temple! Very spontaneously. A girl from our ward is leaving on a mission soon, and we were invited to tag along for the two hour drive. Luckily the week wasn't busy, so we didn't have to cancel any appointments. It was incredible. But, it also took place of our p-day time, so today is cut short. But also, it's time for Mid-terms right now on the KIT University here, so most of our investigators are very busy and very stressed, and reading assignments from das Buch Mormon don't help too much with their stress. So we've been meeting a lot more with members while waiting on our investigators.

 But the highlight of my week was definitely Sunday. On Sunday, two deacons, me, and Bruder Döschner got to pass the Sacrament together. He was already nervous and had been studying the passing routes hardcore, and it didn't help his nerves that Sunday was Ward Conference! He was super nervous and made me explain his spot over and over, and it was exactly like explaining the routes to brand new deacons at home right as they turn twelve, just this deacon is in his 60's. But he did awesome and kept saying "thank the heavens that's over!" when people told him good job! Hahaha he's a classic. I'm so grateful for the progress we all have made, are making, and are able to make in the church. Like the scriptures say, old and young, male and female, bond and free, we all are here to learn and gain experience, some of us are unfortunately too stubborn or prideful to learn or accept what we need to learn. I've learned a lot from Bruder Döschner. He could be embarrassed by the fact that he is passing the sacrament with three 14 year olds. But he doesn't care, in fact, he loves it. He loves that there is still so much for him to learn, and so am I.

 I am a different person than I was one year ago. Not physically or mentally, maybe a little intellectually haha, but spiritually I am completely different. I still laugh at the same jokes and have the same interests, but my spiritual knowledge and confidence has become stronger than I ever pictured before my mission. I thought that a mission would be a breeze and that I was already strong enough and competent enough spiritually to take on any challenge, but now I know there is still so much more to learn and so much more room to grow. And I love it. On my mission, I have learned one of life's most important skills, and that is the ability to bear my testimony confidently and openly. I'm not timid of who I am or what I believe. People laugh at us every day because of that out here. And when people laugh, you can either let it make your confidence weaker, or grow off of it, and I have decided to grow.

 I am so grateful for my testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know it is true. I know He lives. Like Elder Aidukaidus in the MTC told us "Yes, he was crucified and killed, and buried in the tomb. But he was resurrected. He did not die twice!" He lives today and loves us just the same. I love you all and hope you have the best week ever, and I'll hear from you all soon!

 -- Elder McGinn

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