Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Email & Pictures - November 19, 2013

I'm back!! Sorry about that, you can never rely on public transportation, especially here. You could be an 80 year old lady in a walker and try running down a bus, but they won't stop for you because you were 15 seconds late.

 After all these "things are just the same" emails, this week sounds like it's insane! Everybody is playing musical houses, BYU is doing work on everyone they play, and Dad is still putting Michelangelo to shame with his insta shots. (don't let any haters get to you dad, I liked it!)

 Mother, Christmas here is almost old news! The "fuß" (the main outdoor shopping area where everyone walks) has had enormous Christmas lights up and a giant, yet undecorated, Christmas tree in the main square since the first week of Oktober! They don't really have Halloween, and of course Thanksgiving doesn't exist, so it's Christmas time as soon as they get Oktoberfest outta the way! It is getting crazier and crazier, and I can't wait until festivities actually officially start to begin on the 29th.

 And it is colder than Mason's head in a blizzard out here. Haha but we are keeping very toasty, don't you fret! I bought some Nike spandex leg thermals yesterday, and now I'm totally covered! Plus we have some killer marzipan tea back at home, for the coldest of nights. :)

 Thanksgiving sounds like a blast for you guys this year! Big parties are always a blast, but I bet it's nice to keep it a little smaller and orderly. I wish I could eat some of your food Mom, I miss your rolls and pretty much everything else you make, but we'll make do! Speaking of Thanksgiving...I honestly have no idea when it is. Is it this Thursday, or next?

 Well, so you know how I told you we set a baptismal date last week...? Since then, we have set two more! Erlangen now has three baptismal dates set for the 14th of December! Zhang, 24, (Dad, he speaks very little English, and his German makes me laugh, but it's good and the only method we have really to communicate, aside from basketball) Verena, 18, and Bernd, 61. Things have been taking off lately, and we are so excited. It's almost too much to handle! We're way busy, and we love it. I just hope and pray every day that they will all be able to stay strong and go through with it. So many people flake out just before. So we just wanna thank you guys for all the prayers in our and their behalf, the Lord is answering them with miracles, and we're amazed every day. We're hoping we can set even one more this week, so we'll see how that goes, and we'll let you all know next week!

 This week is very busy and booked. It's week 6 of the transfer, so transfer calls are on Saturday and we'll find out what's up! I'm pretty convinced that I'm out. Six months is a long time in one place out here in a mission of 300 missionaries. I am very grateful though for the time I have had here, and hope that I can stay one more. I love this area, the members, the investigators, and the companions I've had! Elder Hobson is a stud. He works hard no matter the challenges, and always has a positive attitude, and has had such an impact on me. I hope we stay one more, but I guess only Präsident Schwartz knows!

 Other than that, we have district meeting tomorrow in a city called Grafenwöhr, an American army base, and that should be a party! I'm kinda nervous to be around an overwhelming amount of Americans again...it's been a while! We also have a lot of appointments set up, and this last week, 17 new names popped up in the computer of members who have recently moved into our ward boundaries, so me and Hobson are plenty busy traveling all over trying to find these people!

 Gotta keep it kinda short this week since it's not Monday today, but have fun this week! Give Michael Buble a hug for me, and keep DVR'ing all the good shows! But no matter what kind of shenanigans you guys are up to, just know that I'm happy, I'm safe, I'm warm, and I know that the Church is true, and that the fullness of the gospel is restored on the earth once more. I love you all, and I'll hear from you soon!

 -- Elder McGinn

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